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Summit Karenga


Pretoria Caravans, the agents for the Summit range of offroad trailers, has launched a new addition to the range, the Summit Karenga.

This is a dedicated two-person offroad trailer with a side-folding, hard-top roof, to create increased interior height and sleeping space. The hard-top roof is ideal for attaching solar panels when camping off the grid.

What sets the Karenga apart from the many other off-road trailers is the fact that it is built on a hot-dipped, galvanised steel chassis fitted with conventional leaf spring suspension. The body is steel framed for strength and durability, which is why it has a GVM of 1 800kg and a Tare of 1 060kg. This difference gives the Karenga a load of 740kg that can be taken ‘on board’, from canned goods to a chopper, braai wood, clothes and other necessities.

This model has a length of 4 350mm and a width of 2 100mm. The roof height, when closed, is 2 050mm so it will fit in a garage, and when open it is 3 350mm.

Standard equipment

Standard equipment includes an external, slide-out kitchen, a Snowmaster 81,5-litre fridge, crockery and glasses.

Also standard is a gas/electric geyser providing hot/cold water to the washing up basin at the outdoor kitchen unit, and hot and cold water to the outdoor shower. If you are camping in the bush, a shower is always high on the priority list!

A deep cycle battery and charging system also comes standard with this trailer when there is a 220V caravan park power supply nearby. If not, you may want to consider the optional solar panels, for which there is a dedicated plug point already fitted.

The Karenga comes standard with a two-burner hob in the slide-out kitchen and there are also two gas bottles and external gas bottle holder brackets that supply gas to the stove or hot water geyser.

And, to create the right image, a spade and an axe are attached to the front nose cone locker where these are padlocked in place for security.

The price of the Summit Karenga is R270 000 inclusive of VAT. The caravan is available from Pretoria Caravans.


• External kitchen unit
• Deep cycle battery and charger
• Two jerrycans
• Two water points for kitchen and shower
• Crockery and cutlery
• Spade
• Axe
• Four storage containers
• Pull out jacks
• Geyser compatible with gas and 220V
• Solar panel connection point
• Exterior light
• Pole holder
• Nose storage
• Two gas bottle brackets
• Tare: 1 060kg
• GVM: 1 800kg
• Length: 4 350mm
• Width: 2 100mm
• Height (Roof closed): 2 050mm
• Height (Roof opened): 3 350mm
• Berths: 2
• Gas stove: 2 burner (glass top)
• 12V Water pump: Yes
• Kitchen sink: Yes
• Shower point: Yes
• Geyser: Yes
• Water tanks: 2 x 60 litres
• Gas bottles: 2
• Awning included: Yes

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