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Stealth Caravans EVO XR6 - Caravan Camp Destination Show 2019

Stealth keeps evolving


Just four months after revealing their first unit in October 2018, Stealth Caravans have expanded their Evolution XR6 range with a second model.

The first EVO XR6 was a 3-berth caravan; the new variant is a bit bigger, and has sleeping space for up to four people.

The additional sleeping space is made possible thanks to the increase in length of the EVO XR6 from 5 330 mm to 5 940 mm, which (in turn) means a bigger dinette at the back, which can convert into sleeping space for two people.

The 3-berth EVO XR6-533 and 4-berth EVO XR6-594 are almost identical in all other aspects and dimensions, except that the larger unit weighs 100 kg more and now has a tare of 1 200 kg, leaving a payload of 300 kg.

Stealth also revealed a few other developments in their range, including a new roof for the caravan, a full tent, an air-conditioner installation, and their annex bathroom package.

The aircon fitted on the show caravan was installed in the pantry cupboard, which had the outflow pipe outside, just to the left of the door; but Stealth told Caravan & Outdoor Life that they are looking at other options such as installing it under the bed or on the other side of the caravan, so that the outflow will not be in your tent area.

The bathroom of the Stealth drew a lot of attention. The standard EVO XR6 does not have a bathroom inside, but with the add-on, caravanners get an exterior fold-out bathroom that is fitted to the back of the caravan in a fibreglass shell. This shell hinges up on gas struts, and the bathroom folds out to create two small rooms: one for a shower, and the other for a small sink.

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