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Skipper Tent Trailers Spring Special


Skipper Tent Trailers are proudly South African manufacturers of the Skipper Model T and Oyster Tent Trailer ranges.

Where did it all begin?

Robbie Kerkhof joined the caravan industry an impressive 58 years ago. Having been in the camping game since 1963 to be exact, he has seen the many milestones of camping evolve from the rudimentary and simple to the high tech. He maintains, the simpler and easier… the more enjoyable. Skipper Tent Trailers has proved this time and time again.

Robbie in his early days at a caravan factory

Robbie’s son Reinhart joined the Skipper team many years back as a partner before specialising in caravan repairs, and using their combined caravan heritage and knowledge, a new era of manufacturing evolved. Skipper Tent Trailers are the manufacturers of the Skipper Oyster and the Skipper Model T variants, possibly the most lightweight and affordable trailers of their kind in the camping industry.

With the constant petrol price hikes, towing is more affordable with a Skipper Tent Trailer. The Skipper Model T weighs only 320kg (tare) and the Oyster weighs only 420kg (tare) making towing an absolute pleasure. No EB licence is required! These lightweight trailers owe their durability to the sandwiched aluminium panels, leaf springs and hot-dipped galvanized chassis. There is a choice of 13 or 14 inch wheels which follow the wheel track of any standard 4×4 and can navigate even the toughest off roads Southern Africa can throw in its way. The Skipper Tent Trailer has a trailer for every individual’s needs.

Happy Skipper owners enjoying their adventures

The Skipper Model “T”

The Skipper Model “T”, the lightest in its class, allowing for effortless towing  on the open road. This rugged little trailer can be towed almost anywhere. A few years ago this trailer was towed up the Sani Pass and was put to the ultimate test in true Kerkhof style. Many of their loyal customers can been seen travelling throughout Southern Africa and beyond without any hassles, secure in the fact that their Skipper is built to last. From off-road jaunts to seaside holidays, you will get your Skipper Tent Trailer there with ease.

Even the Sani Pass is no match for the (2007 – old shape) Skipper!

The Skipper Oyster 

The Skipper Oyster model has 5 different variants ranging from the standard model to the full house Skipper Oyster Max. Included are beds, with the choice of a double or two single beds with spacious storage and packing areas under the beds. There are cupboards at the back of the trailer with sliding doors, making packing a lot more convenient.

The inside of a Skipper Oyster Family

Historically, the Skipper Oyster models are priced exceedingly well and are ideally suited for pensioners, students and young families. This is why the Skipper models are some of the most affordable caravans in South Africa and the key reason to their growing popularity.

A bar fridge is situated in the trailer for your day to day perishables. All Skipper Oysters are available with an optional family extension, which is the extended section at the back of the trailer to allow for a bed for children. If you are looking for a trailer with everything, the Skipper Oyster Max has it all. From an overnight awning to a full tent, washing line, coffee table, crockery, cutlery bag, fold-out kitchen and full electrics, the Skipper ticks all the boxes.

Jenny Kerkhof, Robbie’s wife, runs the Skipper administration and has many years of experience helping clients order their Skippers. Her friendly voice on the other side of the phone is there to assist you with quotes, accessories and other sound advice related to your purchase.

Heading the tent department is Charmaine Kerkhof, who joined the family business at the end of 2007. All tents are manufactured from 100% cotton canvas produced in South Africa. It is a quality fabric that is breathable and warm. The cotton canvas is put through all the necessary checks and is UV resistant and waterproof. The Skipper tents are handcrafted at the Skipper headquarters along with the rest of the trailers components. The tents are easy to set up and with the tutorial available on YouTube, there is no reason you can’t enjoy a cold beverage after a quick set up. You deserve it.

There are various tent options available. The 2.1m x 3.5m Deluxe Awning is a very comfortable size that attaches to the side of the trailer, with walls to enclose it. A Rally awning can be zipped to the front of the Deluxe Awning and used as a verandah with shadecloth walls zipped on the side. Alternatively, the rally awning can be used to extend the tent and all walls are interchangeable.

For the extended family or camping with friends, there is The Skipper Multi-room available which can be zipped in any of the wall openings and these are also interchangeable. There is a spacious built-in floor where you can place a mattress up to the size of a queen size bed.

Come and see the Skipper showroom, it displays all the Skipper units with their tents correctly set up. Pop in during work hours or make an appointment. Every Skipper owner is invited to any of the Skipper weekends arranged 3 times a year in KZN. Travellers around South Africa are also welcome to incorporate a Skipper weekend into your itinerary. They’d love to meet you.

Robust materials are used in the Skipper construction

With regard to finance options, Skipper has been dealing with Future Car Finance for a few years and they have helped many Skipper owners realise their camping dreams. They offer countrywide shipping of their Skippers throughout South Africa. For all new prospective Skipper owners, purchasing a Skipper could not be easier, with your new camping trailer delivered right to your doorstep.

Don’t forget the nationwide delivery!

Skipper Tent Trailer owners use their Skippers with pride. Camping runs in their blood and you will always find them on Skipper Weekends or enjoying their own special family holidays. Skipper offers excellent quality and service to all those in the loyal Skipper family.

Stay tuned for exciting upcoming Skipper developments within the next few months, there is always something new to look forward to with Skipper.

Beat the 2022 price increase and order early to avoid disappointment. New orders always include an out of season two night stay at MacNicol’s Bazley Resort. What better way to test your brand new Skipper Tent Trailer?

Happiness is our Skipper on holiday

For more information on the wonderful Skipper Tent Trailers, including pricing, availability and optional extras, get hold of Jenny on 039 9760 500 or via email at

We have a special for September! If you order your Skipper in the month of September, you will qualify for the Spring Special which offers 10% off all new orders. 

For more information on construction, build quality and general information relating to the quality Skipper Tent Trailer range please contact Reinhart on 083 655 4776 or Robbie on 082 785 1567.

Alternatively, if you already have a Skipper caravan and would like to join their social gatherings for fun and frequent weekend getaways, please email Charmaine on for all the latest news and updates.

An email enquiry form is situated below for your convenience, should you wish to email them directly.

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