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Skipper Tent Trailers Celebrates 60 Years of Success at Mac Nicol’s Caravan Park


Skipper Tent Trailers, known for amazing past offers and specials like this, commemorated its journey, a legacy spanning six decades, in a vibrant celebration hosted at Mac Nicol’s Caravan Park. The event saw approximately 40 Skipper Tent Trailer enthusiasts gather, uniting to honour this significant milestone. Heartfelt appreciation goes out to all Skipper owners for contributing to the special ambience of this occasion.

One of the pillars of the business, Robbie Kerkhof, stands as a stalwart in the Caravan and Camping Industry, boasting an incredible 60-year tenure. Robbie’s journey commenced in 1963, propelling him through a diverse array of ventures, from Touring Campers to Skipper Caravans, and further evolving to crafting the innovative Gazelle Caravans. Today, his creative genius thrives in this modern brand, where he continued to shape and design exceptional caravanning experiences.

Business partner Reinhart Kerkhof ingrained himself in the caravan industry over the past three decades. His journey traces back to his upbringing within the Gazelle factory in Edenvale. For the last 30 years, Reinhart was an integral force, collaborating with his father Robbie to steer Skipper’s path towards excellence.

Behind every visionary stands an equally remarkable companion. Jenny, wife to Robbie, and Charmaine, wife to Reinhart, were unwavering pillars of support throughout the years. Their contributions spanned from handling emails and calls to managing orders, finances, and the tenting department. They were instrumental in orchestrating Skipper weekends and played a crucial role in the brand’s operations.

Skipper Tent Trailers, the geniuses behind the successful new and improved Torpedo Hybrid Trailer/Caravan, took a moment to extend heartfelt gratitude to its dedicated staff, whose unwavering commitment had been pivotal in shaping the brand’s success story. The business commended Mac Nicol’s Caravan Park for hosting the celebratory weekend, with a nod to Colleen and her team for their invaluable assistance. The resort is known for the leading caravan industry titan, June Mac Nicol who passed away about a year ago. But Colleen and her team are doing an awesome job following in legendary footsteps and steering the business to the next level.

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The journey commenced in 1954 when a 10-year-old Robbie constructed a rudimentary trailer behind his bicycle. This early spark ignited a passion for exploration and innovation. Fast forward to 1963, Robbie found his true calling in caravan production, marking the genesis of his illustrious career. Through challenges and triumphs, his unwavering determination led to the establishment of Skipper Tent Trailers.

The business witnessed a phase of rejuvenation and growth under Robbie’s guidance. From the Torpedo prototype in 1973 to the triumphant resurgence with the Space Age Gazelle, Robbie’s inventive spirit shone bright. In 1998, Reinhart joined the journey, infusing fresh energy into the brand. In 2004, he became a partner, marking a new era of innovation. The culmination of their efforts led to the birth of the iconic Skipper Tent Trailers line-up, including the Model “T,” Model “T LT,” Oyster, and the upcoming Torpedo.

Behind the scenes, the heart of innovation beats tirelessly. Robbie’s creative process involved envisioning, planning, and materialising ideas. From refining production processes to hand-sketching tent designs, his passion fuelled Skipper Tent Trailer’s boundless imagination.

The brand stands as a testament to the unwavering passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. As they celebrate 60 glorious years, the legacy continues, with each Skipper Tent Trailer carrying forward the spirit of adventure and innovation.

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