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Shake off the lockdown blues and explore our beautiful South Africa


Climb out of those PJ’s, switch off those quaranscreens and let’s take the road again, together. There is so much to explore, so many places we haven’t yet been. Birds to spot, mountains to climb, trails to drive and bridges to portage. Roads to travel, and mud to conquer, it’s all out there. Let’s throw off our lockdown blues, help out the tourism industry, and go see the sites.

Don’t throw caution to the wind when you head out though, being prepared is key to an enjoyable, memorable and safe road trip. Remember to pack your mask, your hand sanitiser and practice social distancing – Covid-19 hasn’t gone away and we all need to play our part to help prevent further spread.

Dunlop, your #1 Tyre Brand, is here to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination so check out our top tips and make your road trip an epic one:

    • Roadside breakdowns aren’t fun: Experienced adventurer or novice, there are many things to remember when prepping for a road trip. It isn’t about tossing your clothes in a backpack, hitching your trailer and grabbing a few bags of briquettes along the route. No matter how spontaneous you are as a traveller, or meticulous a planner, if you are taking to the roads, there are a number of things you need to check out beforehand. First off, get your vehicle serviced to make sure it is a well-oiled machine, a beast able to climb mountain passes, round sharp bends, handle the tarmac and pull through the mud if that’s your plan.


    • Bad Tyres = bad experience: Make a stop at your reputable Dunlop Zone or Dunlop Express a priority. Have your tyres rotated if it’s time and ask for a thorough inspection of the sidewalls, the tyre tread (make sure it is above the 1.6mm legal minimum), check the tyre pressure and speak to a professional about the route you will be taking – mentioning the road conditions you expect to encounter to ensure you are fitted with the right tyres for the task. Check out Google Street View for road conditions – Dunlop recently uploaded nine uncharted destinations that even Google hadn’t been to yet, during Grandtrek Uncharted.


    • Spare Necessity: Don’t forget to have your spare tyre checked, and if you are towing, bring in your caravan or trailer to have those tyres inspected too. Standing for long periods can result in flat spots on tyres, and ozone and direct sunlight exposure can cause premature cracking, so if you haven’t used your caravan in a while, it is a good plan to have the tyres checked out carefully.


    • Cool Change: Ask about the Dunlop Win a Cooler competition while there and have them check out your roadside tyre changing kit. You need a working jack, a wheel spanner, a torch with spare batteries, an aerosol lubricant, degreasing wipes and preferably something to lie on. If you are heading off road or onto sandy routes and expect to reduce your tyre inflation, make sure you pack a reliable tyre pump and gauge too. Check out our article on Safe Roadside Tyre Changes.


  • Kid friendly fun?  Dunlop has you covered with the Are we there yet? podcast, brought to you in English, isiZulu, Setswana and Afrikaans in association with Book Dash the NGO driven to get 100 books into the hands of all children by the time they are 5 years old. Don’t forget to share your road trip video clips or pics using #Roadclip.

Before you set off on your classic road trip to see the diverse sites South Africa has to explore, take the road even when their isn’t one and close off 2020 with an adventure, visit the Dunlop Let’s Take the Road again, together blog for travel tips and resources to make is an even better journey.

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