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If you would like us to put together a quality ad for you on our website as well as send /promote your classified advert in our next email newsletter that reaches more than 100 000 subscribers, the fee is R995 to advertise on the website plus the added value of your advert appearing in our next newsletter. Our website and newsletter reach is vast.

Please do feel free to contact Stuart directly if you need any further assistance. If you’d like me to do the necessary preparation for a paid for advert, simply send me any photos you have and a short description and pricing of your caravan or motorhome (with mods & accessories) you have for sale. I’ll do the rest.

I have included our banking details below and proof of payment can be sent to me if you’d like to go ahead with the ad. I’ll also send you the ad, once completed, for your approval prior to being listed on the website and in the newsletter.

Simply fill out the enquiry form below and we will get hold of you to prepare your personalised advert.  


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