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Howling Moon Safari Dome Tent

Save R3000 on selected Howling Moon tents at Tuinroete Woonwaens


Tuinroete Woonwaens in Mossel Bay are offering amazing specials to outdoor lovers – whether you prefer staying in a tent or a caravan.

For this month, Tuinroete Woonwaens has slashed the price of selected Howling Moon Safari Dome tents by an unbelievable R3000!

This means you can get a 3m x 3m tent for only R7999, or a 2.5m x 2.5 tent for only R6999.


Safari Dome 2.5m x 2.5m
Height: 1.9m
Weight – tent: 21kg
Weight – poles: 11kg

Safari Dome 3m x 3m
Height: 2.1m
Weight – tent: 25kg
Weight – poles: 11kg

So if you are looking for a camping tent that’s great for all seasons and that will last you a lifetime, make sure you get in touch with Tuinroete Woonwaens by visiting their store in Bolton Road, Mossel Bay, or by filling in the enquiry form below.

Tuinroete Woonwaens sales manager Tiyana Swanepoel says: “These Howling Moon tents are simply some of the best on the market. They are made from Ripstop material, which is amazing quality, and will last you a lifetime. We have customers who have had their tents for up to 15 years!

“These tents are perfect for camping any time of the year. The 380 gms/sqm Polyester/cotton ripstop canvas will help keep out the cold in winter, and the windows and door can close completely. And if you do want the windows open, they have an awning that you can keep up with poles that keeps the rain out. The tent also comes with a veranda in front over the door.

“For summer the veranda and awnings create shade, and the windows and door can open completely – or you can have the windows and door open with insect screen closed.

“Howling Moon Safari Dome tents come with powder coated 8mm spring steel frame and poles, so they are really sturdy.”

If you are interested in this amazing tent deal, contact Tuinroete Woonwaens by filling in the enquiry form below.


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