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RVi Braking Systems Launches in South Africa, Look What’s In-Store for Motorhomers!


Today, we are celebrating the launch of RViBraking Systems (Pty) Ltd in South Africa, as three company directors have successfully obtained exclusive distribution rights for our popular and ever-increasing local motor homing fraternity. For those who may not be familiar with these innovative and ground-breaking products, allow us to inform you that the RVibrake product range is designed specifically to enhance the safe towing of secondary vehicles behind your motor home, and it doesn’t stop there!

Another unit sold by Ralph Jackson from the Motorhome Club of Southern Africa.

Meet Marius Aggenbach, the visionary and director of RVibraking Systems (Pty) Ltd, whose journey was sparked by the reminiscence of 1985 when towing with an A-frame, vividly recalls his anxiety surrounding abrupt halts and emergency stops. A pivotal moment arrived when an insurance broker highlighted the potential for claim denials in towing accidents, propelling Aggenbach on a resolute quest for a definitive safety solution.

“Best investment I have made for safe towing”

—Allan Sheppard

All local options proved insufficient, spurring an extensive global search that uncovered an array of innovative braking systems from around the world. Through his selective process, a standout system emerged – the RVIBrake3, a wireless pneumatic braking with breakaway system hailing from the heart of Colorado, USA specifically tailored for motorhome towing, it boasts a user-friendly hub complete with a tablet housing a checklist, levelling tools.

And that’s not all. The RVIBrake3 portable braking system allows the motorhome driver to brake his towed vehicle at his leisure by tapping the braking icon on the 7-inch tablet or they can make use of the automatic braking process by which you press the brakes of your motorhome – you would also apply the brakes of your towed vehicle too!

This new-age system installation effortlessly transforms your motorhome into a fortress of security, while giving you peace of mind and ease of towing for safety and security while navigating our country’s roads. RVibrake Systems is currently manufactured out of Colorado in the USA and is imported into South Africa under a company called RVibraking Systems (Pty) Ltd.

RVibrake manufactures two types of braking systems to ensure safer towing of vehicles, promoting driver and passenger safety to such an extent that it is currently a mandatory product in 49 of the 50 States in America.

The first system is known as the RVibrake Shadow, a permanently installed system with a built-in battery charger. The second system is called the RVibrake3, which is a portable 12V pneumatic braking system fitted with brake lock detection. This means you can easily remove the RVibrake3 device and store it at your leisure or when convenient.

Both of these systems have the Breakaway Switch and can communicate with the command control hub and tablet by secure encrypted WIFI.

In addition to these two fast-selling braking systems, RVibraking Systems also offers a cutting-edge battery charger and a remote TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) called Tyre Patrol, which can cater for 8 or 10-wheeler configurations. The Tyre Patrol monitors both the pressure and the temperature of all the wheels, plus it has a high and low alert too. The pressure and temperature are displayed on the tablet as seen in the video below. The tablet also cleverly displays the state and charging of the towed vehicle battery. Ingenious, isn’t it?!

The RVibrake Shadow System has a built-in battery charger and breakaway cable that is permanently attached to your towed vehicle.

The purpose of the breakaway switch is to alert you when your A-frame fails and automatically apply the brake to your towed vehicle. The alert will sound on your tablet.

The wireless display tablet also includes many other additional features, such as a levelling tool, pre- and post-packing checklists, software updates and add-on devices. All of which are accessible through the command centre hub.

Watch our video test with Marius Aggenbach as we test the stopping distance with and without the  RVIBrake3  in Cape Town.

Defining the issue: The problem with towing an additional vehicle behind a motorhome lies in the increased weight and mass of your towed vehicle, which affects your braking and stopping distance, both in an emergency or during regular braking. Remember, if you are towing an extra ton or more (a towed leisure vehicle) behind your motorhome on a 20-degree decline, your stopping distance is roughly increased by 100m, which is suffice to say, it could also be up to 50m on a more level road, depending on your load.

In simple terms, the problem with towing an additional vehicle behind your motorhome is that your towed vehicle’s braking system does not engage when your motorhome braking system engages. This technically turns your towed vehicle into an unbraked trailer. This is where South African towing laws become somewhat unclear, as the law is very specific for braked trailers weighing over 750kg. however, our laws are not 100% concise for towed vehicles, which can easily exceed 750kg, while still being within your legal towing limit. This fundamental principle is why braked caravans can actually stop quicker than some Overlanding rigs and motorhomes that are towing additional vehicles. Therefore, in the event of towing a caravan greater than 750kg, you would have six brake shoes all working simultaneously to give you maximum stopping power. However, when your motorhome is towing a secondary leisure vehicle you still only have four brake calipers applying brakes when stopping is required.

Ask yourself this: How long would it take you to stop your motorhome and towed vehicle in the event of an urgent stop? Imagine you’re driving at 80km/h through the city and a taxi suddenly comes to a halt in front of you to pick up more passengers. Would you be able to stop in time without a traffic collision?

Let’s consider another scenario: You’re driving at 120km/h to Warm Baths with your motorhome and Suzuki Jimny in tow. Suddenly, you spot a pothole the size of a small Jacuzzi over a blind rise. Would you be able to stop or slow down in time to avoid it, despite the oncoming traffic?

This is where the primary benefit of having one of these systems deployed in your towed vehicle becomes evident. It allows you to utilize the full braking systems of both vehicles, enabling you to stop quicker and safer to prevent collisions, while also placing less strain on your current motorhome brakes, which also results in less frequent servicing.

With the RVibrake you can engage your towed vehicle’s brakes independently and directly from the tablet or apply the brakes of your towed vehicle too. This additionally gives you much better and greater braking control.

Their breakaway system alerts you when a combination breakaway occurs (in the event of an A-frame snap or detachment) and immediately applies the safety of your towed vehicle.

For the community of motorhome enthusiasts, the paramount concern for secure towing has remained steadfast. Potential emergencies should never compromise the exhilaration of embarking on open-road adventures, worry or danger.

Explore your Options:

RVibrake Shadow – Swiftly set off on your adventure, confident in the seamless performance of the permanently installed RVibrake Shadow. Crafted for towing, this system is always primed to ensure your safety throughout your motorhome escapades. The innovative Tow-Mode Detection ensures that once installed, it becomes an intrinsic part of your journey, requiring no further consideration. To purchase this product, click on this link.


RVibrake3 Portable Flat Towing Braking System – Experience unparalleled freedom with the wireless and portable RVIBrake3 System. Designed for effortless removal when not in use, it offers a dynamic solution that adapts to your needs. To purchase this product, click on this link.

Complete Your Towing Brake System:

Battery Charger – Eliminate the frustration of a drained towed battery during flat towing. Modern towed vehicles often exert significant current draws on their batteries. The towed Battery Charger Plus prevents unseen parasitic loss and offers LED feedback on your towed battery’s status and charging voltage, erasing the need for charge lines without feedback. To purchase this product click on this link.

Breakaway Wireless Adapter – Say goodbye to the challenges of navigating your vehicle’s crowded engine compartment firewall during breakaway system installation. The Breakaway Wireless Adapter for RVIBrake3 offers seamless connectivity, simplifying the process and providing a hassle-free experience. To purchase this product click on this link.

Tyre Patrol – Balancing flexibility with weight, motorhomes are versatile yet need vigilance. The Tire Patrol tyre pressure monitoring system measures tyre pressure and temperatures and is fitted with high and low-level alarms. These guard you against blowouts or low tyre pressure, ensuring the joy and safety of motorhoming your motorhome and towing vehicle remains intact. To purchase this product click on this link.

Roadie Case – Shield your RVIBrake3 with the durable Roadie Soft Shell Case, designed to maintain its pristine condition within the often dusty and dirty bay of your motorhome. Crafted from lightweight yet robust material, this case is built to endure the challenges of the road, extending the longevity of your RVIBrake3. To purchase this product, click on this link.

Improve your motorhome towing journey with the RVIBrake3’s comprehensive product range, meticulously crafted to enhance safety, convenience, and the overall delight of your exploring endeavours.

Witness the unwavering efficacy of the RVIBrake3 as it conquers demanding terrains, including steep descents. Beyond its technical prowess, it instils an unwavering sense of security, quelling concerns of delayed braking during critical moments. A collaborative effort between visionaries Marius Aggenbach, Johan Terblanche, and Ralph Jackson resulted in the exclusive acquisition of South African RVIBrake3 rights, reinforcing their shared commitment to safety and extending an open invitation to fellow motorhome enthusiasts.

The RVibrake3 and RVibrake Shadow have redefined motorhome towing in South Africa, instilling resolute confidence in every journey. This revolutionary solution improves travel, ensuring roads ahead are illuminated by exploration, not uncertainty. Embrace this advancement and unite under the universal language of the safety of this extraordinary motorhome odyssey.

An experimental trial showcasing the process of RVIBrake3 yielded illuminating results. Braking while towing a vehicle with and without the innovative system revealed its exceptional capabilities.

The RViBrake3 halted both vehicles with remarkable agility, while the scenario displayed uneven timing and safety measures.

Intriguingly, the RVIBrake extends its versatility through a range of add-on apps that can be seamlessly installed on the tablet. Paired with the immediate dead-brake feature, which effortlessly halts the vehicle during downhill descents, the system’s capabilities are truly awe-inspiring.

Furthermore, Aggenbach emphasizes a distinctive advantage of the RVIBrake3 – unlike other systems that erode brake liners, this innovation actively preserves them. The system is fitted with brake detection. He affirms, “This system is a game-changer in our country. It brings cutting-edge US technology within our grasp – a system that has evolved into a standard safety feature in advanced countries like America.”

In pursuing secure and efficient motorhome towing, the RVibrake3 and RVibrake Shadow stands as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly integrating advanced technology with the indispensable principles of road safety.

To culminate, Aggenbach underscores the deeply gratifying aspect of ensuring family and vehicle safety, a personal commitment that highlights his dedication to providing this pioneering product to the public.


To contact them directly phone Marius (Western Cape) on 064 846 9415 or Ralph (Gauteng) on 082 807 5817. To be redirected to their website, click on this link. Alternatively, for more information, including online ordering, specifications, sizes, costs, and applications, or to request a live demonstration; please use the enquiry form below. A member of their team is standing by to assist you with all your needs and requirements.

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