Rooimier’s nuts & bolts

Report by Kobus Botha Photos by Simon Lewis

Last month editor Simon Lewis took Bush Lapa’s Rooimier off-road caravan up the Bain’s Kloof Pass to the Tweede Tol resort to review its road performance and campsite presence. This month we dissect its technical features.

Rooimier is built with a heavy-duty chassis and stainless steel body that make it perfect for off-roading, and it’s fitted with Firestone ATX 245/75 R15 tyres on steel rims, although 17″ rims are available on request. It comes with twin jerrycan holders – the jerrycans aren’t included, leaving you free to decide which is the right jerrycan for your travelling needs – a 205-litre water tank with an exterior cap, exterior yellow LED lights to keep the bugs away and a blue Fredlin plug (which is the normal caravan plug). The battery management system and light switch control panel are inside the caravan towards the rear. There’s the optional extra of a powerful and super-handy solar panel that can be fitted to the top of the pop-top roof – well worth the investment if you have the funds.

It’s pretty simple to set up this caravan: in last month’s review, Simon reported that he and Malcolm did it in around an hour, but it took them that long because it was their first attempt with this unit, and they had to keep stopping to take photos. In fact, you can set it up in less than 10 minutes – and after you’ve done it once, you’ll be able to get it up and action-ready in no time at all. The first step is to raise or lower the jockey wheel in front to make sure that the trailer is as level as possible, after which you attach and drop down the rear support jacks, which are mounted at the back of the trailer and help level it out. That done, you’ll want to unfurl the the awning. It comes with four sides and creates the outside tent for your cover and living space.

Open the awning’s storage bag. A set of three awning arms is connected to a swivel joint on the right-hand side and a separate one is connected to another swivel joint on the left-hand side. Pull out the awning roof support arms and place them more or less loosely in position. Position the first awning roof support arm on the right-hand side so that it is at 90 degrees to the swivel joint (or parallel to the trailer’s body) before you move the left-hand side arm into its final position. Once the last arm is in its correct position and secured in place, you are then ready to open the pop-top roof. Unclip the roof latches and lift the roof up to open it – a task that the built-in gas-lifts make really easy. When you’re done with the pop-top roof, you can complete the set-up of the awning. Move the first arm right around to come to rest against the side of the caravan above the door opening and secure it to its fastening on the opposite side of the roof with the nylon rope provided.

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