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Richtersveld Transdontier Park


Make a startling discovery upon closer inspection when the mirage dissolves into the human-like half-mens (half person) and the harsh environment prove to be a treasure-chest containing the world’s richest desert flora. Miniature rock gardens, perfectly designed by nature, cling precariously to cliff faces.

Tiny succulents, mere pinpoints against a backdrop of surreal rock formations, revel in the moisture brought by the early morning fog rolling in from the cold Atlantic Ocean. The rugged landscape and diversity of arid plant species are undoubtably the biggest attractions of the Richtersveld.

Additionally, there is the challenge of the ‘offroad’ driving, the seclusion of the wilderness camps and the contrast between the Orange River and its surrounds. Fly-fishing and river rafting are very popular activities here.

Nearest Town: Springbok

The most common route is north from Springbok on the N7, turning left at Steinkopf (49km) onto the R382 to Port Nolloth (94km). From Port Nolloth you head north for 84km to Alexander Bay. This is where the tarmac ends. From Alexander Bay head back inland for 90km to the Park gate.

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