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Rhino Ranger


There’s a new kid on the block in the off-road trailer market. The Rhino Ranger is the first model to be released by Trailer Mega Custom Steelworks (TMCS).

The Rhino Ranger is not yet available for sale, but Caravan & Outdoor Life was allowed a first look at the exciting new unit.

The trailer is strong as an ox, made from 1.6mm steel. And, when you see the size and strength of the hinges and fittings, it becomes clear that this unit is built to last.

With the roof tent open.

The Rhino Ranger is a multi-purpose trailer with customisations to suit your trip.

The basic unit consists of the body, a nose-cone compartment, a jockey wheel, roof rails and a spare tyre.


Tare: 444kg / 750kg

GVM: 750kg / 1800kg

Axle rating: 1500kg / 2500kg

Ground clearance: 500mm and up, depending on tyres.

Price: R35 000 – R95 000

You can then decide on upgrades, which range from the basic starter family-holiday trailer with mountain bike rack on the roof rails, to a camping unit with rooftop tent and national Luna Fridge, or even a hunting trailer with special cooler bags that fit either half or the full size of the trailer load bed.

Other add-ons include a fold-away aluminium table, corner steadies, and a step.

Expect to see the Rhino Ranger on sale early in 2018.

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