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REVIEW: Unveiled – The Revamped Destination Magic Caravan


This February, you can catch the unveiling of Destination Magic – the big, luxurious caravan that’s filled with creature comforts to maximize your camping holidays.

We had the pleasure of meeting with Andre van Helsdingen, the builder and industry titan of Destination Caravans, along with his family last week to get a sneak preview of their impressive revamped 2023 Destination Magic.

First and foremost, when purchasing a luxury caravan of this calibre, it’s important not to overlook two technical aspects. You should consider what items you can pack into the caravan to avoid being stopped at roadblocks or facing worse consequences. Additionally, it’s essential to determine what vehicle is capable of towing it.

The Destination Magic boasts a Tare weight of 1,580kg and a GVM of 2,000kg, providing a healthy payload of 420kg while still remaining within the reasonable legal limits of towing with the right vehicle. Additionally, for peace of mind, the Magic features an axle rating of 2.5 tons.

This video showcases how quick and easy the caravan awning can be erected – in less than 15 minutes.

We are always amazed to see the extent to which caravanners modify their caravans and trailers, drastically increasing the limited packing weight with non-standard items such as extra awnings, water tanks, air conditioners, and more. However, the 2023 Destination Magic comes standard with high-end features that put it in a class of its own. With a Tare weight that includes a top-of-the-line air conditioner, a floor-to-ceiling fridge, and a separate freezer, this luxurious caravan requires no further upgrades. Plus, the exquisite finishes are the cherry on top. Say goodbye to sacrificing comfort for weight limitations – the Destination Magic has got you covered.

One tough body

Built to the standards demanded by owner Andre van Helsdingen, a well-known boat builder and helicopter owner, the exterior of the Destination Magic caravan showcases a level of manufacturing precision and quality that’s second to none. As a helicopter pilot, Andre understands the importance of having the highest standard of manufacturing, where even a single bolt can determine the safety of a flight. Using the latest technology in marine fiberglass and insulation, the body panels of the caravan are crafted with precision and a smooth finish to offer the best possible insulation against both the scorching heat of the Kalahari and the chilly Cape Town winters.

Get ready for an entertaining fact that will blow your mind! In our video interview with owner Andre van Helsdingen, he delivers a solid kick to the side of the Destination Magic caravan that is so loud everyone thought it was a gunshot! But wait for it…the caravan side wall survived the kick completely unscathed, apart from a muddy shoe print left behind. Impressive, right?

We did notice that Andre was walking with a slight limp afterward, but his point was extremely well delivered. As he explains in the video, the side panels are of top quality and the manufacturing process is so superior that the body of the Destination Magic is a lot easier to fix if it ends up getting scratched, scraped or broken. Don’t believe us? Check out the video and see for yourself!

Exterior finishes

Externally, there are plenty of storage hatches available on the outside of this caravan including the nose cone and the rear of the caravan. Access hatches are equipped with sturdy compression locks to prevent excess dust ingress and gas struts to give effortless access. And even if you do manage to get dust or dirt inside the cavities the doors are nice and wide providing easy access to clean.

The video below is a 30 minute interview with Andre van Helsdingen discussing the new improvements on their Destination Magic caravan to be launched at the Caravan show 2023

There are two large windows along the left side of the caravan that offer excellent viewing and vantage points from both the bedroom and the dinette area. Both windows are fitted with pull-down shade blinds for privacy and pull-up mosquito netting. The front window of the caravan is made of automotive glass and does not open, preventing dust and fine grit from getting into your bedroom area. For those who need total darkness to sleep, this window comes with a shade blind.

The interior of the caravan is well-ventilated with the help of two skylights strategically placed along the roof lining. These skylights can be opened to provide maximum airflow, with one situated above the scullery area and the other located directly above the bathroom at the rear of the caravan. Both skylights come standard with blinds and mosquito netting for privacy and to keep unwanted insects out.

The outside kitchen

The Magic caravan features an easy-to-use pull-out kitchen complete with a glass countertop sink and a Snappy Chef one-touch induction stove, known for its energy efficiency and requirement for induction-rated pots and pans. Inside the pull-out kitchen sleeve, there are four storage drawers for cutlery, crockery, pots, pans, braai grids, kettles, and more.

Two additional hatches are located near the outside kitchen area, one for confectionery or liquor storage and the other large enough to accommodate and use the included microwave.

The rally awning

Speaking of “included in the price”, the rally awning is also included. The poles are sturdy, easily adjustable and simply click into place and is almost idiot proof for to erect. And as a bonus this comes with a groundsheet too. Setting up the awning took us about 15 minutes on the first attempt, although I am certain we could have that down to around 7-9 minutes with a little practice.

Internal layout and design

Upon entering the caravan, the sturdy and robust locking mechanism of the door immediately caught our attention. Unlike the finicky locks of older caravans, this one provides peace of mind in keeping unwanted visitors out. The door window is fitted with a blind for privacy, a grab handle for easy closure, and a handy waste bin. Additionally, the retractable step provides effortless access in and out of the Magic while remaining level with the floor.

The layout of this caravan is very similar to other caravan layouts in the Destination brand, although this one is only 7 metres long and can park on all normal sized campsites. It’s  also the smallest and most compact in the Destination range. The bathroom is situated at the rear of the caravan, the scullery area is located in the middle section, opposite the large fridge and freezer unit and adjacent to the clever dinette area, while the queen-sized bed is located in the front of the caravan.

The bathroom

The bathroom in this caravan was designed with customer requests in mind and is both spacious and roomy, taking up almost the entire rear of the caravan. The shower is located on one side, a generous-sized basin in the middle, and a flush toilet on the other side, all with the added comfort of a raised seat.

The bathroom is also well-equipped with a double hanging towel rail, a wide mirror, and a sturdy glass door with an easily accessible catch on top for secure transit. The eco-friendly showerhead is height-adjustable and provides maximum spray and flow with efficient water usage.

There is even a cupboard situated within the shower unit for toiletries and sundries.

The Scullery area

As you step into the Destination Magic, you will find the scullery area on the left side, located in the internal mid-section of the caravan. It’s the perfect spot to store your coffee machine, coffee pods, Tupperware, plates, perishables, bowls, sauces, chips, cereal, and much more.

The table tops are solid and stylish, and there’s even a chic wine glass rack to store your drinking and champagne glasses. With its perfect combination of comfort, style, and luxury living, owning a Destination Magic is an everyday indulgence.

The Bedroom

The queen size bed in the Destination Magic is a true luxury, offering a delightful and comfortable sleeping experience for two. It’s tapered, island design provides easy access to the head of the bed, and it features a top-quality headboard that offers a panoramic view for those enjoying their morning coffee in bed. Waking up in this bed is truly the best and only way to start your day!

The bedroom does share some boundaries with the scullery area which means whatever packing space you don’t use for food, can easily be utilised for clothing storage – if need be. There are two large floor to ceiling mirrors in the bedroom, which ergonomically give you the perception of an abundance of space.

There are two bendable LED reading lights for ‘ma en pa’ on each side of the headboard, and they are positionable with an almost laser focus to individual needs. This allows your better half to drift off to wonderland while you read without disturbing them.

The air-conditioner in the Destination Magic is conveniently located directly above the bed, which allows for instant and individual control of the temperature using the wireless remote. The compressor for the air conditioner is situated behind the bathroom at the rear of the caravan, providing maximum noise reduction for a peaceful night’s sleep. Andre and the speaker go into further detail about this in their video

The dinette area

The dinette area in the Destination Magic features a fixed bench and table top that seats two people, providing a comfortable space to eat lunch or dinner in the cool, air-conditioned confines of the caravan, regardless of the weather outside. A wide window with both a blind and mosquito net is also present, offering internal privacy and protection from onlookers.

It’s worth noting that the larger Destination models, including Nature, Wonder, Journey, and Dream, all feature double dinette areas, but those caravans are longer, ranging from 8.8 to 9 metres.


Overall, we have to compliment both Andre and his team from Destination Caravans for creating such a well built and high-class caravan of its calibre and size. Yes, it is big. But its not the biggest in their range. No, it won’t fit into a standard sized garage, infact none of their caravans will.

The front window doesn’t open, True –  but with good reason!

This caravan appeals to a very small percentage and niche market. People who want to travel the country safely (without overloading) in style and with all the comforts and luxuries of their homelife, wherever they park.

Like Andre says in our video interview. “he would rather increase the selling price by 10%, if that translates into giving his customers an extra 90% of value and quality”. Plus, its towable and moveable. The only extra accessory I would request on a caravan of this calibre would be a set of caravan movers.

Upon meeting a few of Destination owners their philosphy became very clear to us – rent out your house, buy a caravan and tour the country in pure style.

Yes, +/- R 550 000 for this caravan is a lot of money, but let’s put that into perspective. Some off-road trailers will weigh about the same as the Magic caravan – although being a lot smaller and a lot less luxurious, and are more expensive.

As with all Destination models, they come with a warranty and guarantee and most of the manufacturing materials used in the production process can easily be re-ordered or fixed back at their factory if you do have any unfortunate mishaps.

We wish Andre, Daleen, and their Destination family a successful Caravan Show and official public launch at Gallagher Convention Centre (JHB) on February 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2023. We are extremely grateful for your invitation to test the latest edition in your brand.

Join us as we take a virtual walkthrough of the new Destination Magic Caravan. We recommend that you view this video in full screen mode – the video can play in 4K – if desired.

If you would like to get a costing on this new Destination Magic Caravan, including standard equipment, optional extras or financing availability – please use the contact form below. The team at Destination Caravans can easily send you a price list, list of additional models in their range and more information if required. You can get in touch with them directly below.

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