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Resort Review: Wawielpark Holiday Resort


Situated 30 km from Klerksdorp and 45 km from Potchefstroom, Wawielpark Holiday Resort is located on the banks of the Vaal River, and is the perfect destination for families or couples with children.

Words and image by Lila van der Merwe

Child’s Play

The resort is owned by Hansie and Annetjie Muller, and their son Eddie, who’ve put in immense effort to make this venue as welcoming, and as much fun, as possible.

In fact, there are so many activities at Wawielpark that we adults found ourselves behaving in a childlike manner! However, for most people, the attraction will be the fact that the kids will be completely occupied, leaving mom and dad to relax, braai or even fish. There are great free activities here: four very clean cold-water pools, two trampolines and three waterslides, as well as playgrounds and swings, a hot-water pool and a wave pool which operates at certain times of the day.

There’s a mini game farm with emus, rabbits, springbuck, eland, tigers, camels, ostriches, lions and a variety of bird species. And, if there’s a big game you don’t want to miss, just make your way to the sports bar with its big screen. Perhaps one of the most popular attractions at Wawielpark is the fishing, which is sure to keep dad (and some moms) busy for hours.

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