Story by Alexandra Dunsford-White

Exploring the country in a motorhome is a great form of escapism and it’s a wonderful way of seeing the country while retaining one’s independence.

A motorhome allows you to travel comfortably and freely on your own schedule without being tied down to a fixed itinerary. Stop and explore when you’re ready; enjoy snacks and drinks when you choose; and, when public facilities are unavailable or unsanitary, you even have the comfort of your own bathroom and your own bed to sleep in at the end of a long day on the road.

Motorhome travel is an economical way for groups to travel and it’s a great way to spend quality time together as a family or with a group of friends. Sometimes one partner loves camping and the other isn’t quite so fond of ‘roughing’ it – and a motorhome is a great way to compromise! While the cost of one of these babies (new or secondhand) is quite steep for the average household, there’s always the option of hiring one from one of South Africa’s reputable motorhome dealerships to see if it’s the lifestyle for you. Be warned, though – once the bug has bitten you’ll be motorhoming for many a holiday to come!

Bobo Campers is one of South Africa’s most experienced camper hire and motorhome rental dealerships and concentrates primarily on the rental, development and manufacture of motorhomes. In business since 1991, they have expanded their rental fleet to become one of the most versatile (as well as the largest and most modern) camper, motorhome and 4×4 rental companies on the continent. Bobo Campers hire motorhomes and 4×4 campers to visitors for the self-drive and touring market from all over the world who wish to experience Southern Africa at their own pace and leisure. From luxury fully-equipped motorhomes for families to rugged 4×4 motorhomes for the more adventurous, they have something for almost all types of discoverers – and they cater for everyone from the first-timer to the motorhome veteran. They offer motorhome rentals for individuals as well as groups, with or without the option of an accompanying guide. Full FIT routes, which range from 14 to 31 days, but can be adapted to suit individual needs, personalised itineraries as well as campsite reservations, which can also be arranged by the experienced staff at Bobo Campers.

Bobo Campers has about 100 vehicles in their fleet. The motorhome models available for customers to choose from are the Iveco-based Discoverer 4, the new Nissan NP300-based Discoverer FunX 4×4 (the only non-pop-up roof 4×4 motorhome on the market), the Iveco-based Discoverer 6 and the 2-sleeper Suzuki Discoverer DJ 4×4. They also offer the choice between an automatic gearbox option as well as a manual option for all the motorhomes in their fleet.

Bobo Campers currently has three depots, one each in Joburg, Cape Town as well as in Windhoek in Namibia and, with the aim of providing their clients with maximum flexibility when planning their motorhome touring holiday, hired motorhomes can be dropped-off and picked-up at any one of these depots or, for an additional fee, at almost any location throughout South Africa. All depots have competent maintenance staff and equipment available, as well as cleaning and supervisory personnel to assist clients where possible. And for extra peace of mind, 24-hour, 7-days-perweek stand-by personnel are always available for mechanical or other problems, should they arise.

Bobo Campers also provide stay-over facilities at their Joburg and Windhoek depots, which is ideal for the first or last night of your journey. All three depots offer long-term parking options for those who wish to store-and-park their own private vehicles while enjoying their holiday in a motorhome.

With no contract fees, extra driver fees or drop-off fees (excl. a general one-way drop-off fee), the cost of hiring a motorhome is made up primarily of the rental fee itself, insurance and your fuel costs – all of which are dependant on the length of the rental period, the time of year, the distance covered, the type of motorhome hired and your chosen insurance policy (and let’s not forget the ever-fluctuating petrol price!). As much as your motorhome holiday can be tailor-made and organised to suit your every need, so can the cost of it.

For ultimate peace of mind when touring the country in a hired motorhome, you need to make sure that you have adequate insurance. More so, you should also be aware of what exactly that insurance covers. There’s nothing worse than spending your valuable vacation time worrying about having an accident or, worse, getting a nasty surprise when the final payment is due!

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