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Remember to sanitize this festive season


It’s an alarming reality that most flu viruses, bacteria and other infections are spread by touch. There is also no avoiding the fact that harmful micro-organisms can be found on trolley handles, escalator rails, in public bathrooms, ATM machines, biometric fingerprint readers, card readers – in fact, anything that is often touched by many people. Now think about what your kids and grandkids touch every day without your parental knowledge.

One company that has made it its mission to provide basic hygiene to everybody is Infection Protection Products, a 30-year old proudly South African company that is perhaps best known for introducing consumers to the Sani-touch Saniwipes trolley and hand sanitising wipes found at the entrance to retail stores across the country. Its locally manufactured Sani-touch range of products offers a wide range of sanitising and hygiene products to cater to every need – wherever you may find yourself.

In addition to Saniwipes, the Sani-touch product range includes pre-saturated wipes, cloths, sanitisers, dispensers and consumables which are supplied to the medical, retail, hospitality and medical and service sectors.

All the fluid used in the pre-saturated wipes is NRCS registered and laboratory tested for efficacy. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, medical experts have supported the use of pre-saturated wipes for protection against the virus. Professor Charles Gerba, professor of Virology at the Environmental Departmental Department at the University of West Arizona says, “Wet wipes win hands down in the fight against the Coronavirus”.

The Sani-touch pre-saturated wipes are dispensed out of containers through a patented catch system which is designed to prevent excess wipes being pulled out of the container. The separator cap ensures wipes break at perforations as well as squeezing excess fluid back into the container preventing the remaining wipes from drying out.

Sani-touch saniwipes are trolley and hand sanitising wipes, available in both  eco-friendly biodegradable blue paper, or recyclable Polypropolene non-woven fabric. They include detergent and disinfectant which have been found to be effective in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This is because the wipe physically removes any harmful particles off the trolley handle while the detergent in the soap breaks the envelope around the virus, in the process deactivating it. The alcohol in the fluid helps to kill the exposed virus quickly.

Sani-touch medi-wipes, typically used in hospitals as well as by medical response teams and blood services, contain 80% alcohol and an SABS approved fluid. They are ideal for quick and instant sanitising of hands and surfaces.

Sani-touch steriwipes are an alcohol and fragrance free, all-purpose wipe which is fully biodegradable. These wipes are particularly suitable for use on biometric fingerprint readers, breathalyser units, cell phones, keyboards, electronic screens as well as other sensitive office and medical equipment.

Sani-touch Sanispray is a hand and surface sanitiser containing 80% alcohol. It holds the SABS 490 (for disinfectant hand alcohol rubs) and SABS 1853 (for food) mark of approval and is approved and registered with the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS). It is suitable for use as an instant sanitiser in hospitals and other medical facilities as well as for use in food preparation areas.

Sani-touch Medigene is a hand gel sanitiser which contains 70% Ethanol which provides lasting protection against germs while leaving hands soft and smooth, without the dryness often associated with certain sanitising products. The gel leaves no sticky residue on the skin.

Sani-touch Braai Wipes are biodegradable, detergent disinfectant cloth wipes for hands, faces, and tongs. They can be safely burned in the braai after use.

Zonki Picture Coded Daily Cloths are strong, absorbent, UV treated antimicrobial cloths which are printed for ease of identification to avoid cross-infection. They are ideal for use in food preparation, medical and general cleaning.

About Infection Protection Products

Infection Protection Products is a 30-year old proudly South African manufacturing business with significant experience and expertise in the hygiene market. Its Sani-touch range of high-quality sanitising products are supplied to retailers, manufacturing facilities, factories, schools, clinics and hospitals.

The Sani-touch range includes Saniwipes, the first trolley and hand sanitising wipes consumers have come to depend on in retail stores around the country. The company’s Medi-touch product range of medical grade wipes and sanitisers are supplied to the healthcare industry including hospitals, clinics, emergency and blood services.

Its products are ISO compliant, are registered with the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) and many of them have SABS approval. The company holds a medical device manufacturing and distribution license.

Be sure to stock up on these camping essentials when heading in and around your resort this festive season. To order any of the products featured in this article for your personal or business use, kindly use the contact form below.

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