Red Hot Pot

Review, cooking and styling by Malcolm Cassisa Photos by Alexandra Dunsford-White

We received a very flavoursome, meaty potjie recipe from a reader, Douglas Hendry, which we featured in the February 2014 issue. This recipe really tickled our taste buds; we loved it so much that we decided to try it out again – but this time with a brand new enamel potjie pot we wanted to take for a test drive

Like the first Ford which only came in black, this potjie pot comes only in a No.3 size with a 7.8 litre capacity, and only in red. The first thing I noticed about this potjie (when comparing it to my normal cast-iron one) is that it doesn’t take any additional coals to get the oil and butter up to a nice sizzle, ready for browning. This is because the pot’s enamel coating retains the heat exceptionally well. Therefore, medium and low heat will provide the best results for cooking with the enamel potjie, as, once it gets hot, it stays hot for a long time!

Once you’ve got the contents of your potjie bubbling away, get the heat down to simmer and you’ll see that you end up using just about as many coals (about a palm-full) as you would with a regular cast-iron potjie pot. And, because it does get very hot, be careful never to pick the potjie pot up off the fire without using a protective oven or braai mitt.

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