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Red Gypsey Lite gets the green light!


The first ever red Gypsey Lite came about as Pastor Winston Smith wanted a Gypsey Lite that would match his red Ford Ranger.
Carnival Camping & Caravans contacted the Jurgens factory to ask if this was possible and the said they would send some colours options through for the customer’s approval. The customer made his colour selection from the factory samples and so began the process to produce the very first red Gypsey Lite made by the Jurgens factory.

It must be noted that Ria Botha, who sold the red Gypsey Lite to Pastor Smith, kept him updated continuously as the caravan moved through the factory build process from station to station. Two months later the factory finally said we could come and fetch the unit as it was ready. Needless to say, buy the time the red Gypsey Lite arrived on site at Carnival Camping & Caravans, Pastor Winston Smith was very excited to come down to the store and take delivery.

All the best from Carnival Camping & Caravans and from Caravan & Outdoor Life. We wish Winston many memorable holidays in the first ever red Gypsey Lite.

We at Caravan & Outdoor Life would like to know from our readers what Winston should name his new red Gypsey? The Red Baron?

Post your favourite nickname in the comments section below.

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