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Reader Story: Bartho Family Ventures to Leisure View, Port Edward to Test Their New Afrispoor Wildcat Caravan


In a quest to put their new Afrispoor Wildcat caravan to the test, Paul and Sally Bartho embarked on an exciting adventure to Leisure View Campsite, nestled near the picturesque Port Edward. Eager to ensure their caravan’s readiness for upcoming journeys, the couple decided to explore this idyllic location that promised both tranquillity and natural beauty.

Opting for the Leisure View Caravan Park due to its alluring combination of inland positioning and captivating sea views, a serene atmosphere that defied the bustling school holiday expectations met the Barthos on arrival. Due to the season, this was indeed a delightful surprise.

Their chosen campsite boasted an array of shaded spots, ideal for the warmer months, and they selected a grassy site with an open vista overlooking the pristine coastline. Setting up camp, they anticipated the experiences that awaited them.

Adjacent to their chosen spot stood a magnificent fruiting fig tree, a hub of avian activity. Birdsong filled the air as various species and the occasional Vervet monkeys made their presence known. Instead of being a nuisance, these natural companions added a layer of enchantment to the Barthos’ surroundings. The Fig tree became a symphony of activity, with the melodious Red-winged Starlings taking centre stage. The calls of Turacos and Black-headed Orioles joined them like a hush of agrarian chorus. A diverse ensemble of birdlife, including Trumpeter Hornbills, Green Pigeons, and Barbets, contributed their distinct voices to this harmonious melody.


One day, as the Barthos relaxed at their campsite, they spotted a raptor gracefully gliding through the sky. It landed on a horizontal branch of a palm tree, midway between them and the coast. To their astonishment, it revealed itself as a Palm-nut Vulture, an unexpected and captivating sight.

The couple’s days were filled with leisurely walks along the nearby beaches, including TO Strand with its breathtaking vistas and Marina Beach near San Lameer. On their anniversary, they celebrated with a windswept beachside lunch, savouring the natural beauty around them.

The clear night sky presented a captivating display as the sun set, unveiling a radiant full moon. On a cloudless evening, the Barthos captured stunning photographs of this celestial marvel, adding to the collection of cherished memories from their trip.

Their stay at Leisure View Campsite proved to be an enchanting experience, where the harmonious coexistence of nature and their Afrispoor Wildcat caravan created lasting memories. With a renewed sense of adventure and a caravan ready to hit the road, the Barthos eagerly anticipate their next journey.

For more information on Leisure View Caravan Park or to book your stay at this stunning holiday destination click here.

If any of our readers or subscribers have braced this same holiday destination or also have an Afrispoor Wildcat caravan, please do not hesitate to comment below, as we would love to hear of any of your unique gateway experiences!


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