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Reader Review: Reminiscing the good old days in Miller’s Point


From my teenage years until early adulthood, camping to me meant self catering accommodation with the same comforts of home from a clean bathroom, electricity to a comfy bed. And if they had a television with satellite, then bonus.

Before tying the knot in 2015, my husband Colin persuaded me to go camping. I was a bit hesitant as my last camping memories were visiting my family on their annual holiday and finding a spot either in the tent or caravan if we crashed over. As a fan of the reality show Survivor, I reluctantly agreed as (a) it would be more comfortable than the American show and (b) I’m always up for adventure.

And so my camping passion was reignited and I’ve been bitten by the bug due to Colin and his dad, Mr Explorer himself, though I must admit four nights in Palmiet experiencing cold and wet weather with random bursts of lightning in the heart of winter is the maximum duration I would tolerate unless there is a cash prize at the finish line.

The decision to try a new camping site close to home made us stumble upon Miller’s Point on the City of Cape Town’s website. On an outing with loved ones the following week which started in Hout Bay, we visited Miller’s Point. This beautiful campsite is located 5 km south from the little naval town of Simon’s Town and is situated below the magnificent route leading you to Cape Point.

Miller’s Point has 16 clearly demarcated electrified campsites, clean bathrooms, a stunning view of the Swartklip Mountains and the icing on the cake, steps that lead you to a park and your own private beach. We immediately knew we found our venue for my husband’s birthday weekend which would accommodate our group of 21. After liaising with a friendly City of Cape Town staff member who emailed us the booking form, we paid the affordable amount for our three campsites at our nearest Money Market.

During our weekend, we experienced typical Cape Town weather with four seasons in one. The locals “aka the resident baboons” thankfully stayed away, though we locked up the trailer which acted as our kitchen just to be safe.

A great time was had by all with the sons of two of our guests enjoying the park, while we lazed on the beach playing a variety of games which ranged from the friendly to the not so sober ones, savouring delicious braai’s and potjies to marshmallows around the campfire. Colin and his partner in crime Courtney even came up with an elaborate tale of mermaids and punching seals, where in reality, they exchanged beer for fresh fish with the local fishermen they met at the slipway.

We enjoyed the “catch” but listening to the same story over and over again was our punishment and is still brought up in conversation. The rotating security staff also ensured our safety and welcomed our day visitors on Saturday giving them no departure time or bothering us with rules.

We had another memorable time and now the ball is in motion for the new location for our annual Boxing Day excursion. We usually head to the West Coast National Park for the day but an overnight stay at Miller’s Point now seems the obvious choice.

Which areas do you enjoy exploring? Is Miller’s Point on your next adventure list? Do you have any interesting stories to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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