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Reader Resort Review: Willowmore Caravan Park, Willowmore


Willowmore lies in the Eastern Cape Karoo, roughly halfway between Graaff-Reinet and Oudtshoorn on the N9. A small village with a big heart, it’s surrounded by farms which get their supplies from the small businesses located here, and this helps the town survive.

When you arrive in Willowmore, make your way to the Royal Hotel and its Die Laaste Watergat pub, where you’ll find Dirk and Hendrina Kruger, the husbandand- wife team which runs the hotel. Hendrina runs the kitchen and restaurant while Dirk handles the pub. Here, over a beer or a mug of coffee, you can catch up on local news and happenings. You’ll hear stories about R100 000 rifles during hunting season, and Baviaanskloof trips, and biker escapades.

The town’s most important establishments are largely owned by three families, so there’s quite a bit of competition between the B&Bs, shops, etc. …
which makes for interesting stories and skindernuus (gossip). Blackstone Power Station is where the old Lister six-cylinder generator waits on standby, but uses R13 000 worth of diesel per day.

You can spend a few hours here, enjoying the wine at this cosy bar, and sating your appetite for country stories – these guys know how to tell tales! Or you can devour a juicy, tender steak ‘n chips (for only R60) from Hendrina’s kitchen.

You’ll end up meeting all the locals, and the farmers and their wives who come in for a daily nightcap (or three!), and they’ll all make you feel welcome.

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