Reader DIY: Two-bedroom Jurgens XT120

By Markus Fourie

After reading Albert Firmani’s letter, ‘Build us a cheapy’, I took a long, hard think about having to arrive at a campsite and erect a tent in difficult and inconvenient weather. I have huge amounts of sympathy for those who have to do this, as it can be a terrible start to an otherwise incredible holiday. Albert Firmani’s problem made me re-think my own camping set-up, and made me decide to change my standard Jurgens XT120 into a two-bedroom camper.

I have a strong and durable roof rack on the XT120. I made a steel- and aluminium-plated canopy. I sourced a Bush Lapa trailer tent from Gumtree, which I then adapted without much trouble to suit the Jurgens XT120. The canopy was made big enough for a queen-sized camping bed, and, when you lift the air vent, you can stand erect under the canopy.

The front nose-part of the canopy can also unfold to give extra length for the bed. This whole process is so easy and quick that you are ready to relax within minutes.

If you are camping for more than one night, you can open the additional tent; then you will have every necessity that a camping holiday could call for.

But, the bad news for Albert Firmani is that this whole alteration cannot be done cheaply. Even without the electrical installation and solar panels on the roof, the project cost about R90 000.

However, my camping trailer is now easy to erect no matter the weather, and ready to hit the road for my next trip.

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