Reader DIY : Jurgens Safari Xcape Modifications

Words & Images Charl van der Westhuizen

In recent times, I’ve undertaken a few DIY projects on our 2010 Xcape. This van is sold with a nylon bag for the tent and awning poles, but there’s no provision inside or outside the van to store these while one is towing or parked. So, I had two bags made to the same design as the bag in which the awning is stored. These two bags were made up for me by a local tent manufacturer, and measure 1 800 x 150 mm. I bought an aluminium extrusion at my local Campworld store and screwed this onto the side of the van, as you can see in the images. All the poles for the awning, the extra sides and the wind-shields are now neatly stored in these new containers. In the same images you can see the bicycle rack which I built, which fits onto the van’s nosecone.

Next, I tackled the standard cutlery-holders; these items are not very user friendly.


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