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Reader DIY : Custom Motorhome


It began with careful and accurate measurements, and we also used special software to make sure that this conversion would turn out the way we wanted it to. Finally, we added a healthy dose of common sense!

What we did first was determine the height and the distance from the front of the caravan to the wheels. The problem here was to space the caravan’s wheel arch perfectly so that it would line up
with the wheels of the Sprinter. Only then could one determine at what height the caravan would settle.

It was quite a mathematical exercise, because you need to think in three dimensions and keep in mind what the law does and doesn’t permit.

After about a week, when we were satisfied with all measurements and symmetrical line-ups, we started to take the caravan’s front panel apart. With the front panel removed, we could make even more accurate calculations on where the van’s floor would meet up with the Sprinter’s floor.

We placed a strong emphasis on the cosmetic fit and finish − to our thinking, this would determine our eventual success. If it didn’t look good, we’d have had to start again.


Words & Images Wesley Smit

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