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Reader DIY : Counter Offer

Words & Images Jay Dowdle

By the time I’d purchased my fourth caravan, I had finally settled on the perfect caravan for the two of us, taking into account GVM, internal layout, overall condition, and ease of towing and manoeuvring.

We fell in love with a used Gypsey Raven (Blue Series) which ticked all of the above boxes – except for one: there wasn’t any suitable internal food preparation space close to the fridge/freezer. The obvious answer was to design and build a table top over the dinette area, which we seldom used as we both prefer to cook and eat outside the caravan.

The existing removable dinette table was considered too low for practical use. My brief was to avoid any permanent alterations, so the table had to be removable, and should include a stainless-steel food prep bowl with a 10 litre water bottle complete with tap alongside it. Weight and cost were also serious considerations.

I chose to use 16 mm melamine shelving, 530 mm wide, as this had a reasonably waterproof plastic covering. It was necessary to reinforce the melamine board with two additional melamine strips, each 100 mm wide, glued and screwed underneath, but avoiding the prep bowl cut-out area.


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