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Remoska’s raspberry & sweet cream scones


Nothing is stopping you making your own delicious scones in your Remoska Cooker and, it’s incredibly easy. Whether you’re away on your annual camping trip with the family or at home with friends, the Remoska is your culinary friend. Cooking and baking is made simple in the energy efficient Remoska Standard or Grand cooker. Anyone for scones and tea?


Standard Remoska         Grand Remoska

225 grams plain flour        450 grams plain flour

1 tsp baking powder            2 tsp baking powder

50 grams margarine           100 grams margarine

40 grams sugar                    75 grams sugar

half egg                                  1 egg

100 ml milk                         200 ml milk


Sieve the flower and baking powder together. Rub in the margarine and add the sugar. Whisk the egg and milk together, make a hollow in the flour and pour the liquid in, saving a small amount for brushing the tops of the scones. Mix lightly and roll out to approximately 2cm thickness. Cut out with a 6 cm cutter and brush the scones with the remaining milk/egg mix. Place in the Remoska Cooker for about 15-20 minutes until they are a pale golden colour. They are best served warm with whipped cream and jam.

To enquire or purchase your very own Remoska Standard or Grand cooker click here for more details. 

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