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ProtectX4 – catches all the scratches


Protectx4 is a new product on the South African market which has been created to keep your 4×4 looking like new! If you use your vehicle off-road and want to prevent scratches from narrow tracks where trees, shrubs, branches and bushes damage your vehicle, then Protectx4 is for you!

The 4×4 armour is made from strong, flexible magnetic sheeting which is precision cut to fit each panel on both sides of your vehicle and can be customized to display any design or advertising you’d like. ProtectX4 armour is quick to apply when you’re about to go off-roading and just as easily removed when your route is complete. It comes packed in a compact storage core, so that it can travel with you everywhere, ready for your next adventure!

The industrial vehicle grade magnet is durable and will be there to protect your vehicle on adventures for years to come. Their product is versatile and can even be trimmed to fit around any after-market accessories, such as snorkels. The idea for 4×4 armour came about after many an off-road trip was ruined by the reality of getting home and seeing a damaged, scraped and scratched 4×4 which has succumbed to the encroaching twigs, rocks and overgrown bush.

There is nothing worse to a 4×4 enthusiast than the screech of branches scraping down the side of his beloved off-road vehicle. The pain from the damage to your car is only compounded by the exorbitant respray bill or the shame of having to drive around a poorly kept off-roader.

The solution needed to be durable, convenient and most importantly, affordable. ProtectX4 armour can be applied in under 5 minutes, will last you for years and will save you lots of money in the long term, not to mention also protecting the resale value of your car when it comes time to sell.

For more information on the ProtectX4 range and to purchase your very own set, simply fill in the enquiry form below and one of their team will get hold of you with all the details you require such as pricing and availability.
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