The Pretzel Multi-Purpose trailer was developed as a highly versatile unit for towing by smaller vehicles. Not only is it exceptionally light on the towball, but it also takes up minimal garage space.

When not hitched behind your car it can be stored vertically on its tail end, which is a fantastic space-saving option. There’s also no need to remove the side extension or the luggage box when folding the trailer away. Quite surprisingly, the trailer weighs only 100 kg when empty
But it’s the recently launched Xrad trailer accessories that make this innovative trailer truly versatile. The ‘next generation’ fibreglass luggage box, which keeps your gear dry and safe from the elements, weighs only 40 kg. The big difference between this and the older version is that it has a more rigid shell, a squarer base – which makes it easier to pack – and 200 mm more depth. To fit the box you simply bolt it to the trailer bed using four M8 bolts, which are fastened inside the box. It’s as simple to remove as it is to fit, which means your trailer can be used as a flatbed utility trailer just as easily as it can serve as a luggage trailer. Other optional extras all certainly justify the name ‘multi-purpose’. They include: Bolt-on or hinged utility extension rails, custom-made to your specifications Drop-down tail gates on the rear