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The CGEAR Multimat is pure camping pleasure

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The CGEAR Multimat was originally designed as a deployable helipad …


The CGEAR Multimat was originally designed as a deployable helipad mat to eliminate dirt, dust and debris from being kicked up by the helicopter rotors when landing. The product was so successful that CGEAR has applied it to camping.

  • Can be used as a windbreak mat for screening.
  • Liquid spills go through the mat.
  • Easy to wipe clean or hose down.
  • Perfect for use under camping furniture.
  • Non-absorbent and will not rot or mold.

The Multimat is constructed with internationally patented multi-layered knitted technology. The technology used allows sand and dirt to simply fall through the mat, returning to the ground underneath and not coming back up through the mat. This means less sand and mud gets walked into the tent or caravan when camping.

Product capabilities

  • Sand and dirt fall readily through the mat.
  • Lightweight, easy to setup and pack away.
  • Reversible – works from both sides.
  • Can be used as a shade mat & provides 90% + UV protection.
  • Non-absorbent and will not rot or mold.
  • More environmentally friendly on grass than non-breathable tarpaulins.

Added benefits

  • Completely reversible
  • Reinforced edges
  • Multiple steel triangles to peg down
  • Comes with its own drawstring bag.

Check out the awesome video below for more on the CGEAR products.

The CGEAR Multimat is a must for all campers, caravanners and outdoor adventurers. It helps keep your campsite free of sand and mud.


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