Commonly falling prey to a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’, brake hoses are an important part of any 4WD, but are often overlooked during servicing and repair work until a problem occurs. High brake pressures can cause swelling in standard rubber hoses, plus age and contaminants from rough 4WD environments can wear the rubber down or cause cracking and deterioration in the outer sheath.

To combat this, Terrain Tamer have released a new range of braided Brake Hoses, which consist of three layers, working together to essentially provide the part with not only a longer lifespan, but also improved brake pedal height during heavy braking, and exceptional braking performance.

Worn brake hoses can be a serious safety issue as they begin to crack and degrade over time!

The first of these layers is a durable internal Teflon core line, which works to deliver the brake fluid. Surrounding that is the braided stainless-steel sheath, which works to stop any swelling or deformation of the brake line when brakes are applied.

This sheath alone is less prone to damage than a traditional rubber hose, however Terrain Tamer have added a third outside plastic layer, which provides abrasion resistance and protects the stainless steel and Teflon layers from contaminants or damage from dust, dirt and grime. Terrain Tamer’s Braided Steel Brake Hoses are currently available for a growing range of Toyota Land Cruiser models.

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