Earlier today, we received glowing feedback for Route 66 Transport and Towing from a caravaner that bought his new, pre-owned Exclusive Caravan in Gauteng, and needed it brought to Cape Town safely and securely on a flatbed truck.

We contacted the company – Route 66 Towing and Transport – and we discovered that they not only do they specialise with Caravan transport and vehicle freight, but they also specialise with vintage cars, trailers, 4x4s, boats, bob cats (earth moving equipment) and even Massey Ferguson tractors!

Route 66 Transport & Towing does both long and short distance car transport and towing throughout South Africa. In fact, they are highly recommended within the industry as their current portfolio of regular clientele is certainly among the who’s who of certified caravan dealerships.

If you bought a second hand caravan, boat or vehicle in a different part of South Africa, Route 66 Transport & Towing has you covered. The company picks up running, non-running or damaged vehicles too.

Did you ever wonder why the dealer principal asks you if you have insurance when collecting your new caravan? Well… its simple. The second you drive your caravan off the lot – you’re 100% responsible for it. Yes, that means if you’re struck by lightning in your new caravan, or a pothole decides to take your axle, the responsibility is 100% yours!

So even if you don’t have insurance, Route 66 transport and towing does! Which should give you piece of mind that whatever they tow, transport or freight will get to where it needs to be.

It’s no national secret that the Gauteng province houses some of the largest caravan, boat and trailer dealers in Southern Africa. But what does that mean for you or I sitting in Durban, Cape Town or the North West?

Well, with the largest percentage of caravan and boating dealerships operating in the Johannesburg and Gauteng regions, usually means that they are inclined to have a lot more vehicle stock and availability than any of your local dealerships who may only be able order or pre-order the caravans or boats you’re searching for.

Waiting is not our strong suit, especially when we get a bee in our bonnet about a new caravan purchase!

Imagine for a second that you’re searching for a 2007 Jurgens Exclusive? Or 2018 Okto Villa? Hell, try to imagine you’re searching for a Sensation 1800LS boat and Google says that the only one available in the country at the price you can afford is sitting in Edenvale Gauteng.

That’s where these guys come in and that’s when saving their number will certainly pay off because you’re bound to use it! 082 733 0613

Did you know that used caravans for sale in Gauteng are generally 2-7% cheaper than elsewhere? Generally speaking of course.

The Route 66 transport team can efficiently and safely get your desired caravan of choice from A to B, anywhere in the country and at any time of year! Plus – they are extremely cost effective.

  • Rush delivery – No problem!
  • Deliver to Upington in the Northern Cape – No problem!
  • Broken down and need some help getting home – No problem!
  • Insurance – No Problem!
  • Door to Door…No Problem!


Route 66 Transport & Towing also specialises and has a personal interest in the transportation of Classic and Vintage vehicles. The owner of Route 66 is the Driver and Operator of all transportation. Each customer’s vehicle gets the special care it needs, and trustworthy service with a smile. There are very few people in the industry with as much caravanning and towing experience – that’s for sure!

If you are in need of a towing service anywhere around South Africa from Cape Town to Kruger and anywhere in between for running, non-running, new or used boats, caravans, cars  trailers and even 4×4’s then we recommend saving their contact number.

If you would like to receive a comparative quote on their services for your business now, simply complete the enquiry form details below. They are only too happy to oblige!