Rhino Security Chain offers next level physical security. With its combination of superior chain and lock, it ensures maximum physical protection from theft of your valuable mobile assets as well as keeping gates, doors and other industrial level equipment secure.

Rhino Security Chain is manufactured from Grade 100 steel at their leading-edge chain manufacturing facility in Europe. The chain offers the optimal balance between strength, hardness and ductility, making it impervious to hand operated bolt cutters.


The Rhino Security Chain is available in any length of 3 chain diameters, namely 16mm, 19mm and 22mm. This heavy duty security chain offers your most valuable, moveable assets the best physical protection.

The same is true for our lock used to secure the chain. Rhino Security Chain comes with the Squire SS65CS or SS80CS Stronghold Hardened Steel Closed Shackle Padlock which has a solid hardened steel lock body, an anti-drill protection on cylinder and a hardened boron steel closed shackle.

For more information on the various thicknesses of the robust Rhino Security Chain and lock sets, simply fill in your contact details on the enquiry form below and one of their staff will be in contact with you regarding specifications, pricing and delivery. They also have a dealer network if you would like to see a unit in store.