The newest version of the Lumeno Pro Headlamp is the perfect work light, running light, camping light and general outdoor light. So what’s new and improved? Well, the new version of this Lumeno Pro 350 Headlamp has a colour changing option for users.

It incorporates a Wave Sensor switch and gives off 350 lumens. The Wave Sensor Switch allows you to switch on the device with a simple wave of the hand.

The Lumeno Pro Headlamp is rechargeable via USB and the beam offers an extensive 230 degree footprint.

It has a built in 1200 mah lithium battery offering hours of light when it’s most needed. This great outdoor unit has 5 lighting modes with a combination of red and white light.

The benefit of the red light function is that it is great for use in low light conditions such as game viewing as it doesn’t have an effect on your retina as much as white light does. Another benefit of using the red light function is that it does not attract mosquitos and other insects as much as white light does.

The Lumeno Pro is impact resistant, making it perfect for the outdoors, particularly at remote campsites that don’t have electricity.

To order your Lumeno Pro 350 Colour Changing Headlamp, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a qualified Lumeno staff member will get hold of you with pricing and delivery options.