At first sight, what catches the eye is the aerodynamic nose and big black window on the driver’s side. But it’s when the Mobi Lodge opens up that you really see how special this caravan is. Almost the entire right-hand side of the unit slides out, which basically doubles your interior space. And did we mention that it’s ready to go off-road? That’s right, this luxury caravan can go almost anywhere your 4×4 can. This truly is one of a kind in the South African caravan market.

The Mobi Lodge’s body is a mono hull construction made from fibreglass, and steel braced, which makes it extremely strong and watertight. The chassis is manufactured from 4mm galvanised steel. The cupboards are made of 18mm plywood and are attached to the main body with fibreglass. The floor is manufactured from 18mm marine ply, also covered with fibreglass. All hinges and fittings are stainless steel, and all rubbers are heavy-duty auto rubbers. The bottom line? This caravan is going to last!