Do you want to get the highest possible price for your caravan when it comes to selling or trading it in? Do you want to keep it looking as good as the day you first hitched it behind your car and set off down the road? It has been proven over and over again that caravans fetch their highest trade-in and resale prices when they have been well looked after, and this means stored under cover, away from the bright sun and harsh weather elements.

As much as we enjoy braais, sunny days and holidays, the fact is that the sun quickly dulls and prematurely ages both the aluminium or fibreglass outer skins covering the caravan. Even galvanized screws start to rust – more so in salty sea resorts along the coast. Plastic fittings become brittle and are prone to cracking when left without protection from the elements. Rain and wet weather can be incredibly detrimental to a caravan, and even worse, the slightest leak in a caravan body will lead to wood rot, the scourge of wooden framed caravans, resulting in very expensive repair bills! Even the roll-out rally awning in a bag suspended on the outside of the caravan deteriorates quickly when left unprotected. 

Protect your investment
A carport is a great start to sheltering your caravan from the sun and rain, but it won’t stop the attack from caustic or acidic based industrial fallout settling on shinny surfaces and eating into the glossy exterior. The solution to maintaining the best possible appearance of your caravan is a simple and inexpensive one – purchase a caravan cover.

A good caravan cover is one that multitasks
A good cover will not only reflect the sun and heat generated in summer and protect it from dust, especially the acrylic windows which scratch so easily, but it will also provide maximum waterproofing. In addition, it must also allow good ventilation! It is important to store a caravan in a neutral environment, free from dampness and humidity. This means the caravan must not sweat while under cover and for this reason, air circulation is very important. Air circulation will dry out any dampness under the cover that might rise from the ground or be found in moisture laden air.

Choice in covers
There are a number of different caravan cover manufacturers to choose from, and our choice was prompted by not only the above criteria but also the overall look. Most covers we saw on the internet looked like over-sized silver bags with very large flaps that were tied in a crisscross fashion over the front or rear of the caravan. Apart from this looking untidy, one couldn’t help feel these flaps could be troublesome in strong winds or be an ideal place for catching leaves, hiding spiders and other debris.

The cover sizes were also confusing, when texting for a cover to fit our particular caravan the seller was not sure if the cover would fit – and the thought of sending product backwards and forwards by mail diluted our enthusiasm somewhat. For this reason, we settled on a cover from LeisureWorld. We liked the confidence afforded us by a professional caravan dealer who knows their product and felt reassured that the cover would fit our particular model and year of caravan, that the fit would be right the first time, without any inconvenience.

What’s in the bag?
The caravan cover we got from Leisure World cover came in a sturdy, breathable carry bag, which is light in weight. The material is silver coated on the outside and manufactured from a woven, man-made fibre that is ultra violet protectant. It is a one-piece caravan cover and because of the height of our caravan, we found it is easier to fit using a short step-ladder. If you are height challenged like me, the step-ladder helps immensely.

To secure the cover in place, there are two nylon ropes which are passed under the caravan as well as a stretch cord that tightens the bag around the underneath lip of the caravan. And, if you’ve left your car keys inside the caravan and need to retrieve them, the door side of the cover has a flap on the side with zips that rolls up to roof height to allow quick and easy access. Also, no matter if the caravan door is in front of the caravan’s wheel or behind it, the flap is large enough to cater for both situations.

To combat humidity, there is a large vent flap on all four sides of the cover that stays open permanently for fresh air ventilation. The opening of the flap is gauze protected. Apart from protecting the entire caravan body, the big bonus is that the caravan’s fold-out awning can now stay on the side of the caravan permanently because it is out of the sun and housed underneath the caravan cover.

As it says in the instructions on the bag, the only caravan cover maintenance required is to wash it with lukewarm water and allow it to air dry. So, no more birds nesting on top of my caravan, no more bird poop to contend with and a lot less time spent washing and polishing. I’m also looking forward to the day I get an above average trade-in because my caravan is in such good condition!

Below are the sizes available from Leisure World stores nationwide:

2.9m X 3m
2.9m X 4m
3m x 5.8m
4m X 5.8m
4.5m X 4.m
5.1m X 4.8m
5.6m X 4.8m
6.6m X 4.8m
6.6m X 6.6m

Given the plethora of cover sizes available, there are caravan covers to suite every caravan, from the smallest camper or teardrop trailer, right the way up to the larger double axle caravans.

For more information and pricing on the UV protected caravan covers on offer at your nearest LeisureWorld dealer, simply fill out the enquiry form below and a member of their team will get hold of you. Alternatively, if you would like to order yours simply call 012 9971980 and they will advise you of your closest Leisure World dealer.