Firestone’s heavy duty RideRite air helper springs are the workhorse of our air helper spring line. The double convoluted air springs offer maximum load support as well as years of hassle free service. RideRite air helper springs can be installed on most LDV’s, motor-homes and SUV’s. RideRite air helper springs are installed between the chassis of the vehicle and the axel providing load support through the use of air pressure. Firestone is committed to providing the customer with premium air helper spring kits. RideRite air helper springs have become synonymous with quality, durability and great customer support. Each application is specifically designed to maximize the safe load carrying capacity, stability, and ride quality of the vehicle. RideRite air helper springs utilize a pair of convoluted air springs which can be adjusted for changing loads. These air springs are capable of 1450-2260 Kg’s of load levelling capacity. RideRite air helper springs enhance the ride by reducing inter-leaf friction.

Firestone Air Springs are highly recommended for owners towing caravans and trailers. They stabilize the vehicle, putting more weight over the front axle improving steering and braking under all road conditions. By adjusting air pressure to level the towing vehicle, Firestone air springs give an improved ride and make the vehicle far safer particularly on wet roads and at higher towing speeds.

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