The Suzuki Jimny is an amazing and cost effective four well drive. It is small and light which keeps it going over mud, through sand and up steep slippery slopes where heavier 4×4’s tend to get stuck. It is a relatively tall vehicle on soft suspension which will roll in corners and is affected by side winds.

The Air Spring Supply Company has an effective and affordable solution for this amazing vehicle, front and rear Airmax air helper suspension. Airmax air suspension can be used to adjust the spring rate of the coils and when fitted with individual inflation valves on the front and rear suspension will eliminate the body roll.

As you add accessories on the vehicle you can use the Airmax air helper springs to compensate for the load and when you return from a trip the air springs can be deflated if you remove some of the accessories like your roof rack or roof top tent.

Why raise the Suzuki Jimny with aftermarket suspension when it already has ample approach angle, ramp breakover angle, departure angle as well as plenty of ground clearance, fit Airmax air suspension and have multiple options available to carry different loads and to tension the coils at any given time. Whether you towing, loading or stabilising your vehicle, Airmax air suspension offers you the best solution to enjoy your Jimny on and off road.

When purchasing your Suzuki Jimny front and rear Airmax air spring kit as a set from the Air Spring Supply you will receive a 5% discount on both products, contact us instore for assistance. For more information on the Air Spring range, simply fill in the short enquiry form below and they will get hold of you directly with all the specifications you require.