Depleted batteries leaving you flat during your ‘off grid’ adventures?

Try the new EFOY COMFORT fuel cell – the fully automatic, silent power supply that works anywhere, in all weather conditions, ensuring reliable electricity supply.

EFOY is a Methanol fuel cell designed specifically for the leisure market and can easily be installed in Caravans, houseboats, yachts, tented camps, overland vehicles and any other leisure craft that utilises a 12 Volt DC system to supply electricity. The EFOY COMFORT automatically charges the consumer battery to full capacity. The integrated charge controller permanently monitors the charge level of the 12 V battery. If necessary, the EFOY COMFORT starts automatically and switches off again once the battery is charged. With an inverter, you can also use 220 V devices. It can also be used in conjunction with solar installations, intelligent solenoid whilst driving or when connected to the vehicle’s normal battery charger.

The ‘EFOY COMFORT’ combines Methanol and oxygen to create a constant direct current (DC) supply. The by-product is a harmless amount of carbon dioxide (Less than the breath of a baby), water and heat, noise pollution is less than that of a laptop computer, allowing the product to be installed in the vehicle, yacht or sleeping quarters.

The EFOY Comfort is available in 3 different KWh Capacities:

  • EFOY 80i – 960 Wh/ day or 80 Ah/day
  • EFOY 140i – 1728 Wh/ day or 144 Ah/ day
  • EFOY 210i  – 2520 Wh/ day or 210 Ah/ day
  • Fuel usage 0.9 litres/ KWh


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