Introducing the versatile Draai Braai. 

The word ‘draai’ is the Afrikaans translation for the word ‘turn’, and the Draai Braai  is an ingenious braai with a rotating  grid. It moves down when turned clockwise and up when turned anticlockwise, which allows for precise heat control and cooking without interruption. This versatile Draai Braai is made of only 3 parts, making it easy to assemble, carry and set up anywhere. The shaft is 25cm long, which increases braai time and gives complete heat control by turning the grid to set it at a suitable height.

The grids found in Webers and kettle braais are usually set in a fixed position close to the coals, making them unsuitable for direct heat cooking or braaing. By removing the grid and replacing it with the Draai Braai grid, which is much higher and height adjustable, it will increase braai time, save fuel (wood or charcoal), add utility and allow uninterrupted heat control. The Draai Braai is a must-have for the serious braai master or the complete novice, adding a new dimension to the art of braaing and leaving no excuse for mistakes. “Don’t burn it – turn it!”

Let’s be honest, it’s not that easy to cook braai broodtjies after you’ve seared your medium rare steaks right? What if all you had to do was rotate the grid a few turns to heighten (or lower) the cooking surface to ensure perfectly cooked meat, vegetables, chicken or even roosterkoek? It’s so simple and easy that we can’t figure out why this has only been advertised now!

Stand out features:

  1. Turning clockwise adjusts the height downwards while anticlockwise raises the grid height above the coals.
  2. The 25cm shaft allows an earlier start saving time and fuel.
  3. Uninterrupted and precise heat control is made really easy.
  4. Made of only three parts, the Draai Braai is easy to store, assemble and carry.
  5. Ideal for open fires, but versatile enough to use anywhere.
  6. A quality braai that is rugged and durable, made to last a lifetime.
  7. Specifications: grid diameter 54cm, shaft 25cm, tripod 40cm stainless steel.

Don’t miss out on this exciting offer! To enquire regarding pricing and orders, simply use the enquiry form below. Have a look at the video to see how easily the Draai Braai is to use.