DEN BRAVEN Polyflex-452 is a polyurethane sealant, perfect for bonding and adhering substrates such as aluminium to aluminium, aluminium to steel, and chromadek strips to polystyrene. It has high movement capability, allowing for expansion and contraction compensation when used on different substrates. Ideal for metal and mechanical construction and body work around automotive, caravan, and mobile home units. It has good resistance to water, oil, grease and is weather resistant. Polyflex 452 is also paintable.

DEN BRAVEN Polyflex 452 is a professional high quality sealant based on polyurethane technology which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber.


• High modulus
• High mechanical performances
• Permanently elastic
• Paintable with water based paints


DEN BRAVEN Polyflex® 452 has been specially developed as a universal sealant for durable elastic sealing connection and dilatation joints and joints in pedestrian walkways in building and industry. Universal construction adhesive for bonding many building materials such as:

stone, concrete, glass, plasterboard, PU, PVC, hard plastics, enamel, ceramic, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, metals, alloys, stainless steel, wood and paint systems.

Directions of Use

A joint with the correct dimensions is able to absorb movements between building materials. The joint depth should always be in the correct relationship of the joint width. A general rule is the ratio of joint depth to the width of the joint with a joint width till 10 mm is 1:1, with a minimum of 5 mm in width and depth. For joints wider than 10 mm, the depth is the width devided by 3 plus 6mm.

Additional information

  • 100% Modulus N/mm2 0,60 MPa
  • Application Rate @ Ø4 mm/3 bar 120 g/min
  • Application Temperature +5°C till +40°C
  • Base Polyurethane
  • Curing Time @23°C/50% RH 3,5mm/24 hours
  • Density 1,22 g/ml
  • Elongation at Break 500 %
  • Flow ISO 7390 < 3mm
  • Frost Resistance during transportation till -15°C
  • Joint Movement 25%
  • Shearing Strength N/mm2 1,50 MPa 14 days curing
  • Shore-A hardness ISO 868 42 Shore A
  • Skin Formation @23°C/50% RH 70 min
  • Temperature Resistance -30°C till +70°C
  • Tensile Strength N/mm2 1,00 MPa
  • Viscosity Thixotropical


• Not suitable for PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PTFE, soft plastics, neoprene and bituminous substrates
• Not suitable in combination with chlorides (pools)
• Slight yellowing may occur with white sealant exposed to ultraviolet rays Surface Preparations and Finishing

Application temperature +5°C to +40°C (applies to environment and substrates). All substrates must be solid, clean, dry, and free from grease and dust. Clean substrates with DEN BRAVEN Cleaner.

DEN BRAVEN Polyflex® 452 adheres perfectly without the use of a primer to most non porous substrates. Porous substrates to be pre-treated with DEN BRAVEN Primer B1. Always test adhesion prior to application. Use DEN BRAVEN Finisher to smooth the joint.


DEN BRAVEN Polyflex® 452 is perfectly paintable with water based and most 2 component paints. Synthetic paints can dry slower. It is recommended to test compatibility with paint prior to application. If DEN BRAVEN Polyflex® 452 is being painted over (not necessary), we recommend to slightly sand the sealant and the junction surfaces prior to use with
Scotch-Brite. For the best results, we recommend to paint within a few days after application.


Uncured material and tools can be cleaned by using DEN BRAVEN Cleaner. Cured material can only be mechanically removed. Hands can be cleaned with DEN BRAVEN Wipes.


• Beige
• Black
• Brown
• Grey
• White


• Cartridge 300 ml
• Sausage 600 ml

Shelf Life

In unopened original packaging between +5°C and +25°C, shelf life till 12 months after production date, stored in a dry place.