Are you looking to rent one of the Conqueror off-road range of campers in the Western Cape? Find out more about the Conqueror range below and then use the enquiry form at the end of this article to book your Conqueror for the perfect holiday. Conqueror is an industry leader in off-road and 4×4 caravan sales and rentals. They offer a wide selection of 4×4 caravans and camper trailers that are versatile, compact, elegant and most importantly robust. The Conqueror range is designed tough. 

Conqueror campers come fully equipped and are incredibly easy to set up. Simply, they have everything you need to have a enjoyable holiday and due to their rugged off-road design can easily manage terrains that traditional caravans would not be able to access. The good news is that you can rent one as opposed to buying one!

The Conqueror range is made up of the following campers:

  • Commander: Recce, Platinum & Classic
  • Comfort: Recce Ltd, Platinum
  • Compact: Recce Ltd
  • Compact: Platinum
  • Companion
  • UEV-25
  • UEV-17
  • UEV-14

If you want to rent one of the Conqueror campers or find out more about rental pricing and availability in Cape Town, simply fill in the enquiry form below and an authorised agent will contact you with all the information you need.