Massive bed (2.1m x 2.1m).
L-Shaped kitchen with drawers for wash-up basin.
Massive all-round awning.
Companion Specifications
Fully Patented independent with coil springs, heavy duty shocks and trailing arms
Body construction
All body parts NC-manufactured
Body strength ensured by skeletal construction with cladding-minimize weight
Automotive industry door seals
All parts electro galvanized and epoxy coated
Chassis beams hot-dip galvanized
No wood fibre glass or any degradable materials used
Aluminum light weight roof
2 fold-out double beds
Massive awning that covers whole camper
All furniture and cupboards manufactured from aluminum with canvas fabric doors
Ample storage space all-round and wolf pack frame for 4x wolf packs
Designated space for table
Large nose cone housing 2x gas bottles, pressurized pump and geyser
Interior was design for maximum space utilization for ample headroom and large beds