The Conqueror Companion has everything you need for an extended stay in the bush, and it will certainly follow whatever pulls it with ease. We had the new Isuzu MU-X 3.0 litre diesel automatic and the Conqueror Companion towed like a dream, staying straight and true on tar, gravel and off-road.

We even towed the Conqueror to a brand new resort that is open to the camping and caravaning fraternity in the Western Cape! We felt that heading into the unknown, with a caravan that could easily handle the unfamiliar roads, potholes and weather conditions of the Cape was pinnacle to our Conqueror caravan selection. We even found some soft sand to test our tire pressures and suspension on both the car and the caravan. Needless to say, both passed with flying colours and we had an absolute blast doing it!

The Conqueror has a positive pressure fan that can be switched on when travelling on dust roads to limit the ingress of dust and thus keep the interior clean. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination to find a sand dune residing in your caravan and having to clean it out before you get settled.

Our Companion was fitted with the standard Insta-Awn awning that offers excellent shade and coverage from the elements. It was incredibly easy to set up. Below the awning is a large 315 litre grocery storage cupboard with its door opening to offer two fold down work surfaces and additional storage. Set inside the grocery storage cupboard is a conveniently placed multi-plug for all you appliances.

Conqueror Companion dimensions & specs

  • Exterior length: 4740mm
  • Exterior width: 1892mm
  • Exterior height: 2150mm
  • Suspension: 2.5t independent
  • Tare: 1380kg
  • GVM: 1800kg
  • Water capacity: 160 litres
  • AC charger output: 24A/14.7V (max)
  • Add-a-room (optional): 2

At the front is a heavy duty jockey wheel, a power plug to attach to the vehicle and an Anderson 12 volt DC charging plug. Set just behind the coupler is a dedicated dual gas cylinder storage unit and behind that is a large nose cone storage area which houses the air suspension leveling switches and air hose. Our rental Conqueror certainly has all the bells and whistles.

The large grocery cupboard door opens and has two fold down shelves offering additional surface space as well as storage. The slide-out kitchen with fridge offers a hot water washing up facility and a two plate gas cooker, allowing for easy cooking during overland trips or at your favourite campsite. The two drawers below the gas cooker house crockery and cutlery for six people.

  • Front bed size: Length 1950mm x width 1740mm
  • Side bed size: Length 1740mm x width 1430mm
  • Internal cupboards: 4
  • Large foldout table: 1
  • Cabin fans Platinum: 2
  • Cabin fans Classic: optional
  • Media centre: optional

As this was our first time setting up a Conqueror Companion in the Cape, it did take a while for us  to get the hang of it, but that was purely because we did not have time, when we collected the caravan, to have the setup explained thoroughly. Luckily, there are plenty of Youtube videos that explain the setup in great detail. The quick fold-out stabiliser legs offer excellent rigidity when the caravan is set up at the campsite and the patented independent air suspension offers easy leveling, quite literally at the push of a button.

Tale of the tape

How did the Conqueror Companion fare on the trip? Well, it was a welcome addition to our usual on road caravan testing. This off-road caravan is built tough and designed to handle almost all terrains with ease because of its high ground clearance, air suspension and length. Not only is the Companion incredibly well designed, it’s a brand that has been embedded in off-road caravanning here in Southern Africa since the early 2000’s. Brothers Philip and Theuns de Vries are at the helm of Conqueror and formerly specialised in military grade caravans and off-road gear for the military. Needless to say, their designs are near perfect with quality you can’t deny.

The Conqueror Companion has lots of great features that make camping a highly enjoyable experience whether you are on or off grid. They do have a base model and a platinum edition too, which means if you want all the bells and whistles from the get go – you can. Alternatively, if you want to test a rental unit first before committing to a purchase, then this is a great way to do so.

Would we use another Companion if we had the chance? That’s a resounding yes, because with a off-road caravan, you can choose between a plethora of destinations and routes and nothing is impossible. Yes, on road caravans are nice and glamorous too, however, we know that many roads through sub Saharan Africa are not in the best condition. This is why some of us would rather have an off-road caravan that can go on road with, instead of an on road caravan that can only be used to visit the coast. We guess its horses for courses really.

In fact, shortly after returning from our trip, we were looking at the different pricing options of new and used Conqueror models online. But before we stake a claim for a Companion, we’d also be very keen to try the various other Conqueror Caravans and trailers such as the Conqueror Commander, the UEV-25 and the UEV-17 which are a lot bigger yet just as rugged and robust as the Companion.

The only question you need to ask yourself is… how far into Africa do you want to venture?


  • 2 x fold out double beds.
  • Massive awning that covers whole camper.
  • Option for L-shape canvas awning fitted in PVC bags on roof.
  • Tare weight: 990kg, GVM weight: 1500kg.

All furniture and cupboards manufactured from Aluminum with canvas fabric handles or hinges to be broken off in off road conditions. Large nose cone housing 2x gas bottles, pressurized pump and geyser. Interior is design for maximum space utilization for Ample headroom and large beds.

Unique features

  • Modular slide out units for kitchen, fridge, stove and storage shelves from outside.
  • Fridge 72L, 80L AND 90L National Luna.
  • Massive kitchen/groceries cupboard and work surface on outside.
  • Tents manufacture from heavy duty rip stop canvas.
  • Hassle free fold out beds in front and side of Caravan.
  • Instant Hot Water Gas Geyser.
  • 160L low centre of gravity water tanks fitted underneath.
  • Designated mountings for 2x jerrycans, 2x gas bottles, axe and spade.
  • Rear mounted spare wheel carrier.
If you require more information about renting or purchasing your very own Conqueror, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a qualified staff member will get hold of you to confirm rental pricing and availability.