Bush Lapa Ratel 6

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Extended family? Extend their horizons with the ultimate offroad caravan. This is our flagship, the godfather, the madala of caravans.

The ‘go-big-or-go-home’ Bush Lapa caravan.
Supreme luxury.
Set up camp in under 15 minutes.
Sleeps 6 adults.
1140kg dry weight
3CR12 Stainless steel body and chassis with a 1 year warranty.
GVM 1800kg
Departure angle of 22°
Comes standard with the fuss-free Bush Wing® awning including complete set of sides, and spacious kitchen layout, additional fridge drawer with loads of storage space, gas geyser, shower wing under awning and lots more.

GVM (kg): 1800
Licence Mass (kg): 1150
Payload (kg): 650
Suspension: l/s 1800 kg
Berths: 6
Bed: Dx3
Bathroom: yes
Spare wheel: std
Headroom: 2000
Overall length: 5100
Overall width: 1970
Tent: Bush-wing
Kitchen: std
Fridge: opt


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Centre shot, bedrooms

360° shot from bedroom

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