The all new Bush Lapa caravan for couples who love their space, but want to see the world. It has more interior space than its smaller siblings and more storage space for those longer stays.

Brand new design.
Set-up camp in under 15 minutes.
Sleeps 3 adults.
1090 kg dry weight
3CR12 Stainless steel body and chassis with a 1 year warranty.
GVM 1800 kg
Departure angle of 27°
Comes standard with the fuss-free Bush Wing® awning and spacious kitchen layout, additional fridge drawer with loads of storage space, gas geyser, shower wing under awning and lots more.

GVM (kg): 1800
Licence Mass (kg): 1090
Payload (kg): 710
Suspension: l/s 1800 kg
Berths: 3
Bed: Dx1+Sx1
Bathroom: yes
Spare wheel: std
Headroom: 2000
Overall length: 4570
Overall width: 1970
Tent: Bush-wing
Kitchen: std
Fridge: opt