A sleek yet sturdy Storage Box that fits neatly in your Boot to keep all your daily essential gear at your fingertips. Lightweight yet heavy-duty BOOXE Ultimate Boot Box features structural ribs on every surface ensuring rigidity, strength and durability.

Designed to be kept in the boot of any SUV or Med-Large Sedan

BOOXE Ultimate Boot Box was inspired by world-be customers of the Original Boot Box for Fortuners who coveted the streamlined, sturdy, light-weight storage box that fits into the boot footwell of the Fortuner. So we designed a similar shaped and size storage facility that fits into the boot of any SUV and Medium-Large Vehicle, though it also fits in most small vehicles.

Whether you use your BOOXE Ultimate Boot Box to store your Breakdown kit, to safeguard your firearm and ammo, keep spare gym gear and kid’s sporting equipment, or to stow any other items for easy access, BOOXE Ultimate Boot Box provides the optimum storage solution for your vehicle.

  1. STORAGE – Keep Emergency Kit, 4×4 Recovery Equipment, spare gym gear, kids’ sports kit, dog’s Necessities or any other stuff in your Ultimate Boot Box.
  2. CUSTOM-MADE – BOOXE Ultimate Boot Box is designed to fit neatly into the Boot of Most Vehicles. Long enough to fit an average size shotgun or a hockey stick and deep enough to store a small compressor.
  3. DISCREET– Discreet functionality keeps essential gear easily accessible and at the ready any time. Ultimate Boot Box has the capacity to fit a lot in it yet is unobtrusive enough not to take up too much space in the boot.
  4. QUALITY – Strong, fine-grained ABS and aluminium hinges makes Boot Box light-weight yet heavy-duty and built to last. Supplied with Anti-slip Rubber Pads to prevent sliding around the boot.
  5. STREAMLINED – Sleek Design matches your Vehicle’s Luxury Interior. Boot Box opens outwards or inwards for your convenience.