You love your 4X4 Vehicle and like to Keep it Tidy – in every way possible. That goes for protecting its Rear Bumper from scratches and scrapes caused by loading heavy 4×4 gear, prams, luggage, golfclubs etc, into the boot, or your dogs’ sharp claws when they jump in and out of the boot. BOOXE Bumper Guard also protects your clothes when you lean up against your dirty and dusty bumper to load and offload shopping or luggage.

Detachable for Any Vehicle

  1. BOOXE Bumper Guard offers robust protection against damage of your vehicle’s rear bumper.
  2. Made from 1.5mm thick flexible rubber, BOOXE Bumper Guard is a 90cm wide and 65cm long extension.
  3. Simply Velcro onto your Boot carpet or floor and hang over your Bumper when you are loading or offloading the boot.
  4. Fold back inside the boot or under your boot mat when not in use, leaving your bumper unscathed and your boot floor clean, streamlined and polished.
  5. Made of anti-slip rubber, BOOXE Bumper Guard provides the extra confidence your dogs may need to jump up into and out of your boot.
  6. BOOXE Bumper Guard is your long-term solution to protecting your vehicle’s resale value.