Discover the Airmax Air Jack, the heavyweight lifter in the caravan industry, brought to you by the Air Spring Supply Company. This innovative air jack is specially designed to elevate your caravanning adventures, making setup and levelling a breeze. Using compressed air, the Airmax Air Jack quickly and easily raises and lowers passenger vehicles, half-tonners, SUVs, and 4x4s, taking the hassle out of handling heavy loads. These air jacks are also a perfect lift for large and heavy caravans. 


5 Amazing Reasons to Experience Effortless Caravan Lifting with These Air Jacks

  1. User-Friendly Design: With Airmax Air Jack’s two lever valves, the operation is fast and straightforward. Simply turn the green lever to raise your caravan and the red lever to lower it with precision. No more struggling with manual jacks – enjoy effortless setup at the push of a lever.
  2. Safety at its Core: We prioritize your safety. That’s why Airmax Air Jack is equipped with a factory-set safety valve on the control manifold, preventing accidental over-inflation. You can trust the reliability of this air jack for worry-free usage.
  3. Maximum Stability: Inside the Airmax air jack, you’ll find a unique internal telescopic stabilizing column. This column ensures stability during elevation, while the wide base offers maximum support on both hard and soft surfaces. You can confidently set up your caravan, knowing it’s well-supported.
  4. Tailored for Your Needs: Choose between the 2-ton and 3-ton variants to suit your caravan’s requirements. The 2-ton air jack, with a height range of 11.5cm to 34.5cm, is ideal for sports/passenger cars and half-tonners. Meanwhile, the 3-ton air jack, ranging from 14.5cm to 46.5cm, is perfect for SUVs and 4x4s. Both variants offer excellent pressure ratings and are lightweight for easy handling.
  5. Save Time and Effort: With Airmax Air Jack’s swift operation, you’ll significantly reduce the time needed to lift your caravan. Spend more time on your adventures and less on setup.

For more details on Airmax 2- & 3-Ton Air Jacks, including online ordering, fitment, frequently asked questions, or technical advice, simply use the contact form below. Our team of industry experts is eager to assist you in elevating your caravanning experience with Airmax Air Jacks.