The Air Spring Supply Company has a range of heavy duty on board control systems which compliment there Firestone air spring kits. These enable you to inflate and deflate your air helper springs from the comfort of your driver seat. A typical air supply system includes a heavy duty 12v Viair compressor, an analogue in cab control, a Viair heavy duty tank which is optional, a Heavy duty 6m hose pack for tyre inflation and all necessary fittings to install the system. They offer two different in cab control options. The first option is your single cab control, this allows you to inflate and deflate both your air springs at once. The second option would be your dual in cab control, this allows you to individually inflate or deflate your air springs and assists with levelling off centre loads. They also offer an upgrade on their analogue in cab control systems from analogue gauges to digital gauges. These are available is red and blue and in a 2 sensor kit and 5 senor kit configuration. The 2 senor kit will only monitor the two air springs and the 5 sensor kit will monitor pressures in four air springs and will monitor your tank pressure at all times.

The Air Spring Supply Company is proud to announce that they have released an air spring monitoring system for their basic kits with manual inflation valves. The systems main focus is providing the driver with the pressure of both air springs at all times. The system is developed to warn the driver of any deflation on the system. The monitoring system will help prolong the life span of the air springs and will warn the driver before the air springs are damaged in the event of a leak on the system. The monitoring system consisting of a monitor and bracket for the windscreen or dashboard, displaying the tyre pressures from the two external sensors.

• Lifespan of Batteries: Sensors is 2-3 years (based on 2-3 hours driving per day)
• Sensors are dust & waterproof.
• This Product has a one year guarantee.
• This is applicable for both Coil and Leaf Spring Manual Inflation Kits.
• The System Comes pre-set for Coil Spring Kits, it needs to be reset for your Leaf Spring Kits.
• Coil Spring Applications: Min 0.5 Bar / Max 2.5 Bar.
• Leaf Spring Applications: Min 0.5 Bar / Max 7 Bar.

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