Air management systems play a vital role when you have air helpers installed on your vehicle. It allows you to inflate and deflate your air suspension from the comfort of your vehicle to the correct pressure needed to always keep your vehicle level.

What is an Air Management System?

Most air helper kits start off as manual inflate systems where you need to adjust and monitor the pressure via inflation valves outside the vehicle with a portable compressor or vehicle mounted air compressor. An air management system gives you full control of the pressure in your air springs and allows you to adjust and monitor the ride height from inside your vehicle.

These systems supply an instant air source for your air suspension. You can adjust the ride for various road conditions and loads with a flip of a switch, or a tap on your phone. Individual air accessory components are also available, including a variety of compressors and air tanks to suit the vehicle’s needs.

What Options are Available?

The Air Spring Supply Company has three air management options:

  • Analog gauge management systems (single and dual-cab control options)
  • Digital gauge management systems (dual-, three-way and five-way options)
  • Wireless management systems (single-path and Dual-path options)

The Analog management system allows you to monitor your pressure in your air springs using an analog gauge and the Air Spring Supply Company has options of Viair gauges, Viair compressors and Viair tanks or Airmax gauges, Airmax compressors and Airmax tanks and these are available in single-cab control and dual-cab control options.

Single cab controls give you equal pressure in both air springs when weight is distributed evenly in the rear of the vehicle and allows for air transfer between the left- and right-hand side air springs. Dual cab control allows for side-to-side or front-to-back control. On front or rear air helper suspension kits this will reduce your body roll and give you better stability and control of the vehicle on and offroad.

If weight is not distributed evenly throughout the vehicle the dual-cab control can be used to inflate different pressures in each air spring to level the vehicle correctly. In the analog range we have “light-duty” kits for air suspension control, only “medium-duty” kits for air suspension control and tyre inflation without an air tank, and “heavy-duty” kits for air suspension control and tyre inflation with an air tank if you have larger tyres or would like additional air on board for accessories like air horns.

We then have the digital gauge monitoring system, which is supplied with a digital gauge to monitor the pressure of the air springs. These are available in two-way, three-way and five-way digital gauge monitoring and use pressure sensors for accurate pressure readings. With the three-way and five-way options, you have a separate pressure sensor that will monitor the pressure in your tank and give you the reading on the digital gauge.

Finally, we have the wireless management systems, these are available in single-path and dual-path options and don’t require tubing to be run into the cabin of the vehicle. They have wireless handheld controllers with preset functions and a free mobile app where you can control and monitor your pressure on your cellphone. The wireless management systems are for air helper suspension use only, these can be upgraded to accommodate tyre inflation with an additional tank and larger compressors available from the Air Spring Supply Company.

Selecting which air management system to use is crucial to ensure its effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Once the team at the Air Spring Supply Company has established your needs, they will recommend which system will offer you the best solution for your Airmax air helper kit.

For more information, pricing, specifications, availability, or any other enquiries, kindly fill in the enquiry form below and one of the trusted staff members from Air Spring Supply will get back to you online.