The ADDO range of boot, floor and utility mats have been designed by outdoor enthusiasts for our unique African conditions. If you want the best protection for your trusty vehicle, then choose ADDO.

The product is made from premium nitrile rubber which has virtually no odour so it doesn’t fill your car with unhealthy chemical odours which can be uncomfortable for adults, kids and pets.

Nitrile rubber also offers superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals, oils and solvents for those extreme circumstances. These nitrile rubber mats are easy to clean and maintain, which is particularly useful when you are camping and don’t have access to a vacuum cleaner or other cleaning tools.

The mats can be easy removed, shaken out and easily installed again. The unique raised surface channels liquids away and the integrated lip contains accidental spills. The anti-slip texture ensures your cargo and pets are secure during your adventures to the beach, bush or mountains.

The mats are designed in a way to withstand the rigors of camping and protect your cars carpets from dirt, mud and other debris that accumulate during outdoor activities.

Each mat has been designed to custom fit the vehicle and where required, the mats are fitted with OEM compatible clips. The undersides of ADDO mats are fitted with revised industrial strength new generation Velcro to make sure the mat doesn’t slide around.

The factory also offers customised options for corporate gifts or for those that are difficult to buy for. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee you can’t go wrong.

For more information on the ADDO Mats range, and to order your specific mat, simply fill in the enquiry form below and one of the trained staff will get hold of you with regard to pricing and availability.